The Russian army is running a campaign to recruit professional soldiers for the war in Ukraine.

For this purpose, $3,000 monthly pay is offered, reports Reuters, quoted by BNR.

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In the southern Russian city of Rostov, servicemen hand out brochures with the inscription: "Professional military service - the choice of a real man".

The salary is at least three times higher than the average salary in Russia.

The head of the recruitment center for professional soldiers, Sergey Ardashev, said: "We recruit for military service Russian or foreign citizens aged 18 to 60 with secondary education. Usually, patriots choose to sign a 3- or 6-month contract to take part in the special military operation."

Putin with his first comment on Ukraine's counteroffensive

Neither Russia nor Ukraine has disclosed how many soldiers they have lost in the war, but Western intelligence agencies estimate the number to be in the tens of thousands on both sides.

Russia's latest official figures date back to March 25, when it was announced that 1,351 Russian soldiers had been killed and 3,825 wounded.

Russian invasion of Ukraine

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