• Sutton - Ta Wor villagers, Village No. 4, Khok Sa-at Sub-district, Prasat District, Surin Province, reported that they were in trouble.

    Today, villagers have to endure undeveloped roads.

    It's raining and the condition is muddy soil, pitted, muddy, and very slippery. At some point, it is a large mud puddle like it's not a road. This problem must be asked by the Subdistrict Administrative Organization to help resolve the suffering...

  • Narrow Road - Villagers at Village No. 14, Soi Pracha Ruammit 13, Na Nong Tum Subdistrict, Kaeng Kro District, Chaiyaphum Province, complained about the public road being trespassed by capitalists to plant trees and structures, causing the road width from 8 meters to only 4 meters. Agricultural crops run against the road. Very difficult. Complaints from many agencies for many years. No progress for the governor of Chaiyaphum. Check at...

  • Taling Phang - The villagers of Ban Pong, Village No. 6, Mae Kham Mee Subdistrict, Mueang Phrae District, called on the province to arrange a budget to build a concrete wall to protect the river bank. From the construction of the overflow dam on the bank of Nong Muang Khai District

    It was built as a concrete wall, but the side of Mueang Phrae District is an earthen bank, so it has been eroded...

  • Very loud - local people shouted at the restaurant in Santitham Plaza, Chang Phueak Subdistrict, Mueang Chiang Mai District

    Singing and playing music, so loud, so loud that the windows of the house shake.

    Troubled, can't sleep. No matter how many times I complained, the sound is still loud as usual.

    Ask Chiang Mai Municipality to help poke it to fix it. Don't be too loud. People near you are in trouble...

  • Accelerate the amendment - Mrs. Maneewan Srisawad, Director of Nong Khaem District, Bangkok, clarified in the case of a request for

    Bangkok rushes to fix electricity and light on both sides of Phasi Charoen Canal

    From Nong Khaem to Bang Khae for the safety of people's lives and properties

    Nong Khaem District Office has a letter of cooperation

    Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) hastened to fix damaged lighting

    To increase the safety of people's lives and properties...


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