Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral tomorrow will be "an amazing mixture of a grand ceremony and some very deep but very ordinary words," the person who will conduct the ceremony confided, quoted by DPA.

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The death of Queen Elizabeth II and the new crown prince 146

The head priest of Westminster Abbey, Dr. David Hoyle, said it would be an event "on a scale that is not common even for him," BTA reported.

Charles III and Prince William made a surprise appearance among those waiting to bid farewell to the Queen

In the Gothic cathedral, the final preparations are underway for the state funeral.

Hundreds of people are involved, working around the clock in 19- and 20-hour shifts to prepare the historic ceremony.

Hoyle said a state funeral is something "really important" and therefore should be visually spectacular and spectacular.

The aim "is partly to remember the significance of (Elizabeth II), her place in history, (her important role) for (Britain) and the Commonwealth of Nations," he said.

At the same time, the head priest of Westminster Abbey noted that "it is a funeral. There is a grieving family. The personal grief at the heart of it is really important."

The death of Queen Elizabeth II and the new heir to the throne

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