The Election Commission asks the Election Commission not to discriminate, requiring a strict 180-day framework to do with all parties

Do not discriminate against either party.

To create advantages and disadvantages, "Sita" communicates clearly on the table, do not forget under the table, it must be clear.

Tempering politics as fierce as the same polarity, cut brothers and sisters. "Ung Ing" goes to Roi Et campaign for PAO confident of land slide like Kalasin. "Sudarat" volunteers to end politics in two poles. NSO. Vomi "Big Name" backs "P". Raphan dreamed of planting flags in all provinces, "Minute" scattered, sweeping under 20 seats, "Rome" projected the image of the PPP pounding the police station. M. 8 years. The turning point of the whole board. "Jet" says don't let anyone hit and eat and take power.

From the case of the Election Commission (EC) to publicize the notification of a 180-day period before the expiration of the House of Representatives (23 March 2023) that candidates and political parties must comply with Article 68 of the Constitution, after the date On 24 Sept, unable to distribute things to help people

Election Commission asks Election Commission not to discriminate

On Sept. 18, Somkid Chuekong, a Pheu Thai MP for Ubon Ratchathani, gave an interview on the case of the Election Commission (EC) giving a 180-day timeframe before the expiration of the House of Representatives (March 23). July 2023) that candidates and political parties must comply with Article 68 of the Constitution, after September 24, they cannot distribute items to help flood waters.

or covid that

It is a new law that has just been enacted in the Constitution.

The new law that this may have a problem in the event of an emergency, fire, flood, will definitely affect the assistance of the people of the House of Representatives, but when it is a law

We are ready to follow. Leave the Election Commission, who announced this regulation.

Keep an eye on the field visits of all political parties.

Do not discriminate against either party.

because it will cause advantages and disadvantages in the election

Give credit to the leaders of important parties

Noppadon Pattama, deputy chairman of the Pheu Thai Party Strategy Committee, said Pheu Thai did not view other parties as enemies.

but a political competitor

It's good that each party has started to gradually introduce the party leader.

Prime Minister's Candidate

and party policies

giving the public a choice

But believe that the next election, the policy alone will not be enough.

People will see how credible the party is.

What has been accomplished by the Prime Minister's Candidate?

Confidence in the party and the prime minister's candidacy will be an important factor.

More from the policy

including the image of which party is the coalition party

Which party is the democratic party?

Whichever party is an authoritarian scaffolding also has weight.

It is the nature of people to want change and opportunities to improve their lives.

No matter what month the election takes place

Pheu Thai is ready to present policies and measures for the people to choose from.

to lead the country out of the misery it is

"Sita" Ding the Election Commission under the table must be clear

Lt. Col. Sita Tiwari, secretary-general of the Thai Sang Thai Party, said that according to the Election Commission's notification for a 180-day time frame, thanks to the Election Commission for being clear and notifying in advance that the following items cannot be distributed.

It's a good thing

But there is a question that if the villagers are not in trouble, who will take care of them?

Because in the past, the government did not become a local politician.

or villagers unite

For example, during the Covid situation, government agencies still can't compete with the Yarn Foundation.

will make it more fair

The Election Commission's announcement does not make it harder for applicants to introduce themselves.

People who help every day people in the area already know the Election Commission announced to the public.

It is a clear tabletop communication.

So under the table it must be clear.

The offenders must be given a fair diagnosis and want the Election Commission to supervise them well.

pointing out that politics is boiling, cutting brothers and sisters

Lt. Sita said

It is believed that after 24 September there will be a launch.

More and more MPs, more and more MPs will move the party.

Politics in the past 16 years has been divided into factions.

Votes are completely separate, for example the democratic side is fighting the dictatorship.

But when it came to the close of the democratic election period, they fought each other.

causing each group to compete for the people in their own group, thus arguing, as can be seen from the announcement of the elder's cut off

cut off

The closer the election, the more quarrel among the groups.

"Ung Ing" goes to Roi Et campaign for PAO PAO.

At 7:00 a.m. at Roi Et Airport, Ms. Paethongtarn Shinawatra, head of the Pheu Thai family, led the delegation such as Mr. Chaturon Chaisang, former Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Nattawut Saikua, Director of the Puea Thai Family. Yapa Sinthuprai, deputy spokesman for the Pheu Thai Party, went to the area to help Mr. Seksit Wai Niyompong, a candidate for Roi Et Provincial PAO president, campaign for the final round as soon as Ms Paethongthan arrived.

There was a group of people wearing red shirts waiting to welcome you.

ready to give roses

marigold garland

Including bringing a loincloth to tie Ms. Phae Thong Than's waist, it is a traditional Isan welcome.

along with shouting cheers

"Welcome to the Prime Minister". Ms. Phaethongthan is scheduled to visit the area of ​​Phon Thong District, Phon Thong Vocational College.

Went to give a speech at Selaphum Pittayakom School, Selaphum District, and at Suvarnabhumi Pittayapaisan School, Suvarnabhumi District, ending the speech at Saket Hall.

Mueang Roi Et District

Confident in land slides like Kalasin

Ms. Phaethongthan gave an interview after leaving the stage, saying that

Confident in Mr. Seksit

Because they are quality people and the party has good policies.

and believe that Pheu Thailand will slide like an election for prime minister

Kalasin Provincial Administrative Organization again

Mr. Seksit said

Not worried about opponents with the same last name as Pheu Thai people.

Confident that the popular vote is still with Pheu Thai, confirmed Ms. Chayapha Sinthuprai, deputy spokesman for the Pheu Thai Party.

Still with the party and believed that the people would reflect on the government through the election of the prime minister.

PAO that this government made it very difficult.

Opposition leaders meet Songkhla people

At Crystal Hotel Hat Yai, Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province, Dr. Chonnan Srikaew, Leader of the Opposition

Pheu Thai Party Leaders, including Mr. Chulaphan Amornwiwat, Mr. Chakphon Tangsuthitham

Chiang Mai MPs, Miss Teerarat Samremvanich, Bangkok MP Sarun Timsuwan, MP Loei, Pheu Thai Party organized the activity "Project Leaders of the Opposition in the House of Representatives meet the people

listen to the opinions of youth towards Thai society” organized by the Secretariat of the House of Representatives

Approximately 500 participants listened and commented.

"Sudarat" Volunteer to End Politics 2 Poles

At Soi Permsin 1, Sai Mai District, Bangkok, Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan, leader of the Thai Sang Thai Party (TAT), together with Major Sita Tiwari, TAT party secretary, Ms. Rattikarn Kaewkerdmee Saimai Sor. Go to the area to give rice to people affected by the flood at Permsin Thom Ya community.

Ready to launch Mr. Somchai

Vesa Ratchatrakul

The candidate of MP for Bangkok, Sai Mai District, Khunying Sudarat, said that over the past 30 years of working in politics,

I've never seen a country so low.

We don't make a party for wanting.

MPs only

or hope for the minister's quota

But this time I want to join to change the country.

Helping the little guy get rid of his debts

It is the last mission before the end of political life.

What words to say, keep promises and words

Not saying that he will fulfill the contract, ask for a short time

Politics, bipolar, let it end where Thailand built Thailand.

Ask for an alternative way to survive the country.

Beat the council using populism to fix the rank.

Khunying Sudarat also mentioned the case that the House of Representatives passed the bill.

The Education Loan Fund Act (YOT) without collecting interest and late debt adjustments that

It's like a populist policy.

Focus on campaigning regardless of the consequences.

The problem lies in the principle and the debt collection system.

Did not set up a system for children to understand about being a debtor.

From the discussions with children who owe the NIDA, it was found that most of them did not intend to be in bad debt.

But when I got a job, I found that the debt was a lump sum.

and there are already high fines

making him unable to send money back

become bad debt

This matter should not be solved just to collect interest or not to collect interest.

The solution should be approached to the point.

Don't take it easy

Our party doesn't think of solving the problem at the end of the incident like this.

"Piraphan" dreams of placing flags under every province.

Reporters reported that

Over the past week, Mr. Peeraphan Salerattaviphak, the leader of the Thai Sang Chart Party (RTC), along with Mr. Ekanat Promphan, party secretary, Mr. Wittaya Kaewparadai, party executive committee.

welcome to the management team

PAO Surat Thani Province

Led by Mr. Pongsak Jakaew, Prime Minister of Surat Thani Province, came to visit the event and manage tourist attractions in Bangkok as a guideline.

Implementing a one district policy

one of the tourist attractions of the province

Mr Peeraphan said

We formed a party to address structural problems.

put the villagers in the lead

take the problems of the real villagers

I'm not here to talk about political issues.

It's not a political party that sells fancy pictures.

Political pictures, big economic pictures only.

They won't come to fight or hang out in nonsense politics.

hope our party

Flags will be planted from Prachuap Khiri Khan, Chumphon, Surat Thani, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Satun, Phatthalung, all districts.

Vomi has "Big Name" to support her.

Mr. Ekanat Promphan, secretary-general of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party, said he wanted to tell everyone to be comfortable.

that he and Uncle Kamnan (Suthep Thaugsuban) did not have any problems, but their political views were different.

no need to fight

The next election will be

An important political phenomenon, there will be 40-50% of new MPs in the House of Representatives from 2 ballots. It cannot be denied. Local executive networks may have the opportunity to become MPs on Sept. 22, will go. Meeting to establish the first branch of the party in Surat Thani Province

Ready to introduce the team and applicants

This time it was supported by the elders in the country.

to set up the United Thais to Build the Nation Party

"Minute" swept under 20 seats

At Phatthalung Province, Mrs. Nai Ratchakitprakarn, Chairperson, Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister (Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul), Treasurer of the Pride Thai Party

Responsible for the southern area, Andaman zone, said during the opening of the candidates

Phatthalung MP

We use a say and do policy.

Especially in the area of ​​Phatthalung Province, we are dedicated to developing various fields until the results are tangible.

both in transportation

travel and sports

public health

especially the construction of a road across Songkhla Lake

In the past elections, the party won 2 seats in Phatthalung MPs, but in the next election, I would like to build


electing Bhumjaithai Party candidates to the House of Representatives in all 3 districts, confident that from the past results, they will definitely get all 3 districts and from the initial predictions that the southern region will get at least 16 seats, but after going to the area, they are confident that they will get More than 20 seats for sure

Police insist they do not support free marijuana

Ms Traisuli Traisoranakul, deputy spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office (Pride Thai Party quota), said after the council meeting resolved to withdraw the cannabis bill, hemp to be reviewed again.

This has raised concerns that there will be no laws regulating the use of marijuana and hemp.

Confirm that there is currently a law regulating the use of marijuana.

Hemp to suit all around

The Ministry of Public Health has issued several laws regulating the use in accordance with the policy.

focusing on medical benefits

for the economy

It doesn't support recreational use of marijuana, so even though the Marijuana Hemp Act is still under consideration, existing laws will be used to control it until the end of the year.

The complete Act will come into force.

"Jurin" on tour Surat

Mrs Darunwan Chanphiphatanachai, Deputy Spokesman of the Democrat Party, said that on September 24, Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, the leader of the Democrat Party, visited the area in Surat Thani province.

In addition to the mission as

Minister of Commerce

There is also an introduction to the candidates.

MPs in Surat Thani in all 7 districts in the 2019 election, the party won all 6 seats in the House of Representatives, while the policy to guarantee income for rubber farmers and palm plantations is a favorite of farmers.

From working hard for more than 3 years, I'm sure there will be a number

More MPs than ever

especially in Surat Thani

As for the case of Mr. Danainat Chok-Amnuai, who the party had posed to run for MPs in Ranong but moved to another party, no one has been considered to replace him.

have to wait for the results of the poll to compare the selection of applicants again

The case of Mr. Danai Nat is not considered a bleeding.

"Rome" projected the image of the Democratic Party pounding the police.

While Mr. Rangsiman Rome, the list of MPs

Progressive Party Spokesperson

gave an interview that

Relations within the coalition government continued to deteriorate.

from the pressure of the imminent election

causing all parties to speed up the score

Each party started pointing to one another.

Pride Thai Party

targeting the south a lot

Especially on the Andaman side, Phang Nga province, the birthplace of Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, the leader of the Democrat Party.

If it were to become proud of Thailand, Democrats, especially Mr. Jurin, would be greatly damaged.

Therefore, it is not strange to have to do every possible way to regain the pride of Thailand.

bounce the law

Can marijuana, which is considered the heart of Thai Pride, really damages Thai Pride or not?

Personally, I still believe that Thai pride can benefit.

what the Democrats are doing

does not make competitors lose

But becoming a Democrat may be more politically disadvantaged.

have the right to be snatched by P.O.T.-Kor. in many places

Mr. Rangsiman said that

have to accept the situation

Democracy is bleeding a lot today.

The internal situation was not good.

I think the next election will be

MPs in the south are not as many as before.

May finish proud of Thai

or may have completed a further step

or other parties that are following

We are pretty sure

southern area

Going further, we will get more than before, we got about 5 hundred thousand points even though we have never worked.

But this round is proven by hard work, we have a chance to win the number of chairs.

I don't want to talk about how much.

I'd rather wait until the election is near.

but we are confident that we will create

Definitely different in the southern region.

So we have many opportunities.

The party should have good news in many districts for sure.

"Suthin" Pyam Party, the battle of stabbing each other

Mr. Sutin Klangsang, a Pheu Thai MP for Mahasarakham, said that the state of the government in the late government was fragile.

There is a huge lack of unity.

especially the popular policies of each party, such as the marijuana policy or the issue of funds.

Election Commission

Clashing in the Coalition

believe that after this there will be

There are many policies that will cause conflicts again, tend to escalate. In addition, both parties do not respect each other.

Start digging into your own area.

hoping to scramble to create an electoral advantage

As for whether or not it will reach the dissolution of the House of Representatives

Depends on the electoral readiness of the coalition government.

including the availability and advantages of both

General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister, leader of the Pracharat Party

Regardless of when the parliament is dissolved, it is believed that both Gen. Prayut and Gen.

Prawit is at a disadvantage.

Because both of them don't have popular votes, they can't compete with Pheu Thai or even the coalition government, so the chances of dissolving the House of Representatives probably won't be anytime soon.

I believe that the fastest is after the new year.

Importantly, the 2023 budget has just been approved.

I believe that the government would not let go of the big fortune easily.

Polls point out that appointments and transfers are fair

NIDA Poll opened a public opinion poll.

Between 12-14 Sept. on "Appointment and Transfer of Civil Servants 2022" from government officials, employees, government employees

and state enterprise employees of 1,310 samples, found that the majority, 39.85 percent, considered that the consideration of appointment and transfer of civil servants

Fairly fair 34.12 percent said they were not fair.

And the majority, 34.58 percent, said that the patronage system or connection was used quite often, while 25.35% said that there was no patronage system or connection at all.

In addition, most believe that there is no such thing as an exchange of benefits.

and how to proceed if there is no fairness in considering the appointment and transfer of civil servants

The majority, 54.35 percent, said they had used the appeals process in accordance with the civil service regulations, while 26.34% said they had done nothing.

because the supervisor has already considered

did not expect the position

accept change

8-year knot, turning point on the whole board

At 13.00 at the Memorial Hall on October 14, Khok Wua Intersection, the People's Assembly

Led by Mr. Jatuporn Promphan and Mr. Nitithorn Lumlue organized the seminar "Number One Thailand

with the sovereignty of the people after September 30," Mr Jatuporn said.

The meeting at Ratchaprasong at 5pm on September 30 will take place after the Constitutional Court ruled on Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha's 8-year term.

General Prayut

It is an important turning point in Thai politics across the board.

and make the truth appear because there is more garbage under the carpet than any government

I didn't know there was a prime minister.

or the minister must go to jail

Or fleeing abroad?

Next week will see political phenomena in many cases.

"Jet" greets no one to hit and eat.

On the other hand, Mr. Jet Donavanik, chairman of the Faculty of Laws

Asia Graduate College

The former adviser to the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) said that after the decision of the Constitutional Court, regardless of the outcome,

Someone must be dissatisfied

Although the court decided that Gen.

Prayut has been the prime minister since 2014. The problem will not end.

And it could be even more problematic.

Because the constitution requires that a new Prime Minister be elected, so if the people will come out, how will they move?

want to be peaceful

Because if violence occurs when people come to eat and benefit.

is some senior military officer

who often claim to maintain peace and therefore have a coup d'etat

or politicians use it to claim power

A gathering of government buildings or destroying property should not be illegal because it is illegal.

under the existing rules

A flash mob that took a short time to assemble.

have higher driving dynamics

But in the end, we have to work together to think about how to make the national political power truly in the hands of the people.

able to control politicians