I disappeared from the screen of "Thai Rath Sport" for over a month.

To go on the important mission of life to "repair" yourself back to the original 

with major surgery

"Bypass the heart" at once, 4 lines in a row 

The surgery was not as difficult as I thought.

But the more difficult question

is recovering from a long incision in both the chest and right leg

which takes several weeks to rest

In fact, I plan to come back to write another column at the beginning of next month. 

but endured the raucous sound of the bagpipes, which raised up to prelude

"The 48th King's Cup Royal Cup Football Tournament" 

who are about to travel to see each other in Chiang Mai during "Fifa Day" on 22 and 25 September

So I asked for permission to come back to the battlefield (news) a little earlier than scheduled.

At the request of the children

Thairath Online Team 

Our King's Cup

Had to stop organizing for 3 years from the poison of the covid-19 that rampant and rampage until damaged all over the world, all circles 

The "King's Cup 2019" in Buriram was the last time it was held.

which is nothing very memorable 

Because the performance of the Thai national team is poor, not taking the bay, losing to both Vietnam and India, sadly finishing in the "Plum Tau" rankings!

The latest team that has lifted the King's Cup trophy

The legend is

A country with a strange name like "Curaçao" from the CONCACAF zone.

Talk about the King's Cup football.

The longest in Asia

From the beginning in 1968, it is sustainable to this day.

More than half a century (54 years) has entered. 

Past King's Cup

is a classic symbol of

"Supachalasai Stadium" for a long time 

Before the days have passed, the "Rajamangala National Stadium" has taken its place.

Over the years, the King's Cup has had the opportunity to travel to the provinces for fans of the region to experience many times. 

Whether it is Surakul Stadium, Phuket Province, 80th Anniversary Stadium, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, 700th Anniversary of Chiang Mai Stadium and most recently, Chang Arena Stadium, Buriram Province

And this time will be another battle.

at the King's Cup to roam the provinces 

by the Football Association

Risk steering wheel to choose Chiang Mai 700 Year Stadium as the arena to strike again for the 2nd time  

After going up north to blast here nine years ago at the 42nd King's Cup in 2013.  

At that time, Thailand invited 2 top teams from Scandinavia, Sweden and Finland, to join the Mosquerading along with North Korea.  

The Chang Suek team started their first match with a 1-3 defeat of Finland, getting the only goal back from Supachai Komsilp.

Before going to the third place with North Som, who lost to Sweden 4-1 on penalties, after a tie in normal time 1-1  

Thailand crushes with players from Pyongyang

Absolutely disgusting!! 

Before the end of the game with a 2-2 draw at the end of the penalty shootout of "Lesor" Theerathep Winothai and Dasakorn Thonglao, team captain, eventually occupied 3rd place together.

While the Chiang Mai King's Cup championship goes to Sweden, who defeated Finland 3-0 in the final game. 

As for the Thai national team players

Who remained until the King's Cup set this time, there are 3 people, namely Thitiphan Phuangchan, "Koum" Theerathorn Bunmathan and "Captain J" Chanathip Songkrasin. 

Whether it's a coincidence or not, I don't know.

The war elephant coach who led the army to go to Chiang Mai in 2013 is "Winnie" Winfried Shafer.  

and a young assistant coach beside the body

Who is not where? 

His name is "Mano Polking" who stepped up to be the current Thai national team boss...with full pride that!! 

Unbelievable Football King's Cup 2nd time in Coach Mano's life.

is going to go up north to kick in Chiang Mai again 

But I hope that the results that come out... will not be the same as 9 years ago.

Because looking at the names of the opponents of each nation that FA Thailand has invited, including Malaysia, Trinidad and Tobago, as well as Tajikistan

King's Cup Chiang Mai (Return) this time, 

if the result is other than "Champion" 

Must be considered...failed!!! 

- B Bangpakong -