"For a year and a half, the municipalities were forgotten that they existed. They were not included in the budget update for this year. In the last National Assembly, there were deputies who nevertheless paid attention to the municipalities. The crisis with fuels, food, energy sources had a great impact on the local authority. Municipalities will have heating costs this year that will be twice as much as in 2021. We are once again faced with a crisis situation for the winter season."

This is what Daniel Panov told BNR

Daniel Dimitrov Panov is a Bulgarian politician, born on October 4, 1967 in the city of Veliko Tarnovo, chairman of the National Association of Municipalities and mayor of Veliko Tarnovo.

And he added that the municipalities are dealing with the damage caused by the floods of the last few days on their own.

75 municipalities are fully gasified.

Many municipalities will have to return to the old heating sources, stressed Panov.

"There is no way to talk about green energy, we are going back years so that sectors such as education, social activities can survive. The new parliament must accept electricity compensation for both citizens and institutions. Municipalities' electricity costs have increased by over 225% compared to last year. Compensation under the program for non-residential end customers covers about 42% of the increase. Municipalities with their own resources from their budgets are coping," he added in the "Sunday 150" show.

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And he warned that there is a danger that schools, hospitals or social institutions will close.

Daniel Panov