Today we would come along the Hemus highway, it would be ready if we were in power, but idiocy can only be committed by idiots if you don't build the Hemus, the tunnel under Shipka, the Black Sea highway.

These are strategic projects.

This was stated by GERBP leader Boyko Borisov in Lovech.

We listened to lies for a year and a half, two, and the fact is that AM Hemus is gone.

In the distance as you travel, you see the completed bridges, but because of the chaos it used to rule, it is at a standstill.

The highway to Targovishte is ready, but they are not opening it because they will have to invite us, because it is thanks to us, he added.

A nation that is ruled by idiots and does so after the 2nd is at our expense.

One by one the cases come out!

Over 4 billion and 700 million have gone in the direction of Lukoil and Gazprom from your pockets, every day, Borisov revealed.

The caretaker government started in the right direction but a little timidly.

Now, a few days ago, they withdrew 5 billion in debt, with a terribly high interest rate, and when we withdrew, we took at most 0.3% interest.

How did they solve this?

We as a conservative party condemn that our children and grandchildren pay the bills of Kiril Petkov and Asen Vasilev.

A month ago, I warned that Asen Vassilev, the king of schemes, would set a trap for the caretaker government.

It is the credit that they took out that was actually taken out by Radev's caretaker government.

And there is no way not to withdraw it, because the pensions must be paid, for which they beat their chests so much that they are their business.

And again they explain how the time of 7 months was not enough for them to make major changes, but you were in power for 2 years, what 7 months, weren't you in Radev's caretaker government?

Not to mention that Vassilev was also in Plevneliev's official government, commented Borisov.

No other party has been as close to us as We continue the change, they were on my floor in the Council of Ministers, they had advisers, they traveled abroad with us, and now they ask us how close we are to Vazrazhdane, DPS and Stefan Yanev.

We from GERB-SDS are responsible people and we work and will continue to work for the unity of the nation in order to get out of the crisis together.

And those who brought us these crises will receive a slap in the face in the elections, voice of the people, voice of God, said the GERB leader.

"Changes" can only function in chaos and disorder.

That's why their government left inflation, social policies draining the budget and debts, said MGERB leader Georg Georgiev.

State management requires responsibility.

This is what the cartoon characters Kiro and Asen did not understand!

We will insist that the European institutions investigate the Change gang, said Desislava Atanasova on the subject.

We at GERB-SDS will lead a policy of cohesion and growth in order to return Bulgaria back on the path of Euro-Atlantic development, so that all Bulgarians are calm and there is security for business, announced Nikolay Nankov.