Phra Somdet Bang Khun Phrom, printed garuda, Wat Mai Amataros of Chaithat Techapaiboon.

During this time, let's open the Phra Vibhavadi Stadium.

There is a chance that every day that it will rain heavily

Will the water flood Bangkok?

Many houses were worried.

to prepare the boat

find the pump

Because after a short break, the water was flooded, which was the main cause of clogged garbage until the water was unable to drain in time.

from the negligence of the Chui

That there has to be a law to prosecute them -- seeing the problem and thinking about "Magic Eye", I want you to come back and campaign.

Let's start today with Phra Somdet Bang Khun Phrom, Krut (middle), Wat Mai Amataros, Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok, which has believed since ancient times that

It is a type that has the power of holiness.

As for the inspiration, it brings power, luck, and prestige to the worshiper.

Therefore, it is highly popular with government officials.

There are 3 types of amulets divided into details in the Buddha art, namely, large print, medium print, small print. This one is the middle print from Poi Sia-Nai Chaithat Techapaiboon's nest.

He is in perfect condition.

excellent form

But the skin of the flesh has wrinkles, severe sloughing, causing the skin to have porosity all over the body.

But the art condition of the perfect amulet -- is the least beautiful amulet of this amulet, but still considered a good quality amulet.

that is not easy to see

Pidta Buddha amulet, large pillow print

Powder mixed with love, Luang Pu Jean, Tha Lat Nuea Temple of New Mueang Chon.

The second amulet is Pidta amulet, mixed with love powder, lacquered lacquer, lacquered pattern, Luang Pu Chin, Tha Lat Nuea Temple, Chachoengsao, one of the Phra Pidta amulets, Buddhakhun powder, Benjaphakee set, led by 1. Phra Pidta, large print, back of Luang Por Kaew pattern. Wat Kruewan, Chonburi Province

Luang Pu Iam, Saphan Sung Temple, Nonthaburi 3. Phra Pidta, Phim Khaeng Mon Yai, Luang Pu Chin, Tha Lat Nuea Temple, Chachoengsao 4. Phra Pidta, Luang Pu Khai, Choeng Lane Temple, Bangkok

5. Phra Pidta, Reverend Grandfather Yim, Nong Bua Temple, Kanchanaburi, which is a large amulet made by Reverend Grandfather Jean, Phra Saha Thammika, a senior monk at Luang Pho Kaew, Kruawan Temple.

respect as a teacher

Famous as the creator

Close the eyes amulet, the powder mixed with love before

There are amulets that are popular standards such as 1. Pim Khaeng Mon Yai.

2. Print large kraft pellets.

3. Print large lotus petals with a sharp head

4. Print the crutches of the cart 5. Print the eel's head

The current price is in the millions.

Especially the Khang Mon Yai print, which is a popular type number 1, beautiful amulet, perfect condition, excellent original style, this amulet of Xia Niu Muang Chon.

ten million already

The bald-headed monk flinched back.

Powdered Yachindamanee, Luang Pu Boon, Wat Klang Bang Kaew of Itthi Chavalitthamrong.

Followed by Phra Pimprok Pho, Sian Lone, stunned back, Jindamanee powder, Luang Pu Boon, Wat Klang Bang Kaew, Nakhon Chai Si district, Nakhon Pathom, where Sia Itthi Chawalitthamrong said that it can be auctioned online.

This one is the main popular amulet in the front row.

in the family of Luang Pu Boon

which are found both ground beef, powdered meat and powdered Yawasana Jindamanee, which is a highly popular meat

It's the most expensive in the millions.

For a true amulet, easy to see, perfect condition like this one.

with important points to consider

dryness of love

that tells the age of old to age naturally

and the flesh of the amulet under love

as in the picture

Not as smooth and tight as the ground, the powder, the crooks in the industry in the past

Used to coat love, dye cats, deceive them for sale.

Phra Chaiwat Pimto, Luang Pu Boon, Wat Klang Bang Kaew of Unalom shop.

The next item is Phra Chaiwat Pimto, Luang Pu Boon, Wat Klang Bang Kaew as well.

famous monk

highly popular

But few people will actually meet him.

because there is a record that it is an amulet created by Luang Pu Boon by making a puppet into a bouquet and pouring it in an ancient way

But the Buddha image has not been cut from the bouquet.

And kept until the year 2516, so some bouquets were brought.

come to cut the Buddha image, make merit, make merit, bring income to build a museum

Like this amulet of Unalom restaurant, it is in perfect condition.

Old decoration with the same craftsmanship as Phra Chaiwat, Than Chao Ma, Sam Pluem Temple

Garuda Medal

Ratchamongkol ceremony, 1907 (R.E. 126), gold material, Rama V of Mechai Thaocharoen.

Next item, Garuda Medal

The celebration of the royal ceremonies of the King Rama V. 2450 (R.E. 126)

It is a commemorative coin for the royal ceremony, the image of Garuda that collectors attach great importance to in pursuit of another coin, found in both copper, silver and gold.

It is a very special coin, extremely rare, and extremely expensive.

The more perfect condition, beautiful, champion of this coin, the real straight line says

The price is based on the satisfaction of the owner.

Phra Khun Phaen Prai Kuman amulet, Wan Dok Thong powder, small print, 1974, Luang Pu Tim, Lahan Rai Temple of Thai Rath Kham Pan.

followed by Phra Khunpaen Prai Kuman

Powder, Wan Dok Thong, small print, 1974, Luang Pu Tim, Lahan Rai Temple, Ban Khai District, Rayong Province

Made in 2 sizes, large print and small print, all of them are popular, especially the special texture, Prai Kuman powder and Wan Dok Thong powder, like this one of Sia Thairat Kham Pan, with only 22 built, which is famous for being of great power. The best of kindness, great charm, so the price is up to hundreds of thousands.

The first coin, 1963, copper material, gilded gilt, Luang Phor Sud, Kalong Temple belonging to Itthi Chavalitthamrong.

The other school is the first coin, 1963 B.E., made of copper and gold, Reverend Grandfather Sud, Kalong Temple, Samut Sakhon, one of the monks who is highly famous in magic.

The post-Buddhist period

He was a revered monk of the famous thief in the past, namely "Tee Yai" who had amulet "Luang Pu Sud" used to worship and protect himself to avoid being arrested from weapons. Must rely on the prestige of Reverend Grandfather Sud to negotiate to be willing to take off the talisman

before being surrounded by officers

He created this coin as the first commemorative coin.

In the ceremony of binding the Phatthasima in 1963, it was a round stamping medal.

The front is a half replica.

There is a letter indicating the rank

On the reverse side of the center of the coin is a Takraw talisman.

which is a symbolic talisman

gold coin

excellent condition

The gold sapphire is still intact, like this coin of Sia Petch-Itthi.

There are many people who seek

but the rarest

Hundreds of thousands of high prices

Phra Pim Nak Prok

Somdej Phra Buddhakosachan (Khun) Wat Thai Talat.

Another item is Phra Pim Nak Prok.

Puttakhun powder (black gray) Somdej Phra Buddhakosachan (Khun) Moli Lokayaram Temple (Tai Talat), Bangkok Yai District, Bangkok.

a precious amulet

with high-class Buddhist art in the Rattanakosin period

Blessed with holy power

who has a high experience in mercy, trading, causing merchants to sell in the past

Popular with this amulet used to worship

is also famous for its negligence

be invulnerable

from the villagers of Charoen Phat

with an Islamic community, Thai, Chinese, who are accustomed to the youths that the locals raise them to wrestle

Hit the run, teeth, stab each other until they always shoot.

But hardly anyone was injured.

The blood bleeds out to death because they all have good things to protect themselves.

Write Yant Hu in red letters.

on folded yellow paper

Wear an umbrella strap around everyone's neck.

Muslims (Zhao Cents) attend a magical ceremony.

Every year, it is believed that it will have magical powers.

Sacred protection against all dangers

Thai youth department

There are good amulets in the area such as Phra Wat Phlap or Phra Wat Thai Talat.

Worship--Three Bloodlines

There are frequent incidents in the police station.

until the officer shook his head

Finally, representatives came to negotiate a truce to this day.

This amulet, which has been found more than 50 prints, has become more popular.

From hundreds to thousands, tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

typographically popular at the forefront

Double Lotus Meditation Print

meditation square print

(Scrambled eggs), etc.

There is a record that

Contained in the reign

Somdej Phra Buddhakosachan (Khun), the second abbot, discovered 3 times, first at Wat Thai Talat in 1937. It was amulet powder mixed with aloe vera, mixed with lime, powdered palm leaves, green flesh. black

or dark gray with stains

2nd time in 1955 at the Nang Chee Temple dungeon

The flesh of the amulet is light green, mixed with white and yellow, with a soft white stain on the skin. The 3rd time was found at the Wat Talom dungeon around 1965, the color is light gray. All 3 temples are located on the Thonburi side.

Nowadays, it's as popular as Phra Krua at Wat Thai Talat.

with dark green flesh (dark gray) like this one

Farewell with the final story of Xiao Yi, the owner of a used car tent.

in Ratchaburi

which is a popular amulet collector

The other day, I took my boyfriend who was in love.

Going to a big shopping mall in Bangkok

which has amulet center

when I saw the center

would like to visit

But I'm not sure if women like monks or not.

Therefore invites them to walk in and see to see the good Buddha image.

will be rented for you to use

to have a good monk to protect

When he entered, he saw the owner's party, Xiao Wei said that he wanted to find a good monk for his girlfriend to use, and his friend asked him which way he would like to have amulets.

Xiao Wei didn't know what kind of girl she would like.

then turned to look at the fan's face and asked which temple was good

and then startled

When a girl answers simply, don't waste time choosing that.

take the expensive one

Easy to sell -- smart choice

Lord Amita Buddha.