They are the three brothers who are the most affectionate in Thai fashion for "Klai Duen, Pimdao and Matina Sukhahut" inspired by their childhood dressing up.

Become the creator of fantasy for young women around the world under the brand "Sretsis". Even after 2 decades, the universe in the dreams of the Sukhahut brothers is still beautiful like no other.

and filled with wild imaginations

“When I was about to graduate from

“Parsons School of Design”

, I started building the Sretsis brand in 2002 with the drive and support of my family, with

P. Ib (Klaiduen)

who graduated in

“Magazine Publishing”

to take care of marketing. and Nong Lek

"Ae" (Matina)

completes the brand with the jewelry line

"Sretsis Jewelry" .

Make the fantasy of Sretsis different and unique.

until becoming a character

In the early days, we used our imagination to make our dreams come true with the shape of clothes that felt soft and feminine.

Each collection is like a real-life recording of us at different times.

whether traveling

or finding inspiration around

All were conveyed on the fabric as imagined.

Classic elements are twisted for a modern look.

while the old narrative is applied through the cutting process.

but not a direct translation.

The character of Sretsis is still hidden in the humor and satire.

In addition to the design of the fabric

We also pay attention to developing techniques to create different fabrics.

The ancient techniques used in sewing high-end garments, such as embroidery and applique, have been reworked. It is said that over the past 20 years, the DNA of the Sretsis woman has gradually formed clearly.”.. .

Has the brand's DNA changed over time?

Oi :

Our fantasy is not lost.

But it's a fantasy grow up.

more sophisticated and more profound

We feel that the design style has become more apparent.

At first, you may still be in the self-discovery and experimenting phase.

But now it's clear that over the past 20 years, the Sretsis DNA has come under five main themes: Language of Flowers, Mythical Creatures, Sretsis Universe, Gentlewomen's Club, and Modern Couture. Ours are easier to touch.

But still pay attention to details and have a craftsmanship in every molecule.

It is not necessary to wear a saretz only on special occasions.

but can be put in everyday life

to make the day a brighter and happier day

Or want to order in other silhouettes and choose your favorite print from our library?

There is a service to customers at home.

Ib :

Our DNA never changes.

Even though we are mothers

Only we expand from "Sretsis Fantasy" to "Living the Sretsis Fantasy", bringing Sretsis into more people's lives and lifestyles.

We have also been able to connect with famous artists from many countries.

To expand the sisterhood in Sratesis style to the world.

We believe that we have such girlfriends all over the world.

and discover that collabouration has become the new norm for fashion.

become a very important future

We should find experts in each field from around the world and join hands.

To create the best together

We pick up some of the brand's heritage stories to make it fresher every season.

Twisted and still fits with the new lifestyle.

What is timeless?

A :

We believe in quality and believe in the real thing.

Most importantly, we must be us.

We admire artists in many fields.

If you want to make a wallpaper

We only have to connect with the artists we admire.

Or if you want to make shoes, who will you go to?

We have to find our favorite artist.

and put our pattern in

Or someone who is a French artist is playful like a child.

We tried collabs with Sretsis children's clothing.

and on to the lifestyle

When we put Creative Minds together, it becomes even more powerful.

Does the customer base grow with the age of the brand?

Oy :

The same customer base is still strong.

It's called growing up with the brand.

I have clients since university.

until he got married and had children

Now, his son is wearing the Sretsis brand too.

Or we start to see customers pass Sretsis clothes to their children.

You will be very happy to see this.

Hey, like your mom, you still keep this dress.

Even Khun Chompoo-Araya

Passed on the shirt of Sretsis for Nong Lightning to wear.

Well, it really touched us.

We intend Sretsis to be more than just clothes.

but is like a heritage that can be delivered to each other

It is a brand that can feel connected and reflect on certain memories.

Sometimes we see Sretsis clothes and feel like hey, this is us in that moment.

Some of them are still my favorites.

I want to feel that it's clothes that he won't throw away because of the value.

Sometimes very special can pass on the story to the children's generation.

Is the covid crisis the worst in your life?

How to overcome

Ib :

Creativity is very important.

No matter how severe the crisis

As long as we are not afraid

and also have creativity

can be manipulated in every situation, such as during the COVID lockdown

Customers can't leave the house

We had to figure out how to serve our customers.

We bring the collection to the customers home.

We take this opportunity to completely renovate our office to make it pink.

The white car turns pink.

My sister also made a special collection for home detention.

Focus on casual wear, comfortable at home.

or enter a zoom meeting

Turning to focus on making clothes that are more functional

Even the material we use all cotton.

for easier care and more comfort

Originally made of silk cloth, it had to be sent for dry cleaning.

During covid, everyone stays at home more and more.

It's time to release lifestyle and home decoration collections.

to make the house a happy place

To make our customers more fun at home, at the same time, we care more about sustainability.

Leftovers from clothing production are used to make pillowcases and tablecloths.

Except for the tea shop "Sretsis Parlor" that has to be temporarily closed during the covids because 90% of customers are foreign tourists.

Do I have to adjust the children down to please the new generation?

A :

We believe that Sratesis exists in every age and every country.

There are people who are women like this in any era.

We're sure there are girls these days who love the feminine and maximal Sretsis.

We don't want to change ourselves.

You just have to try to find a way to communicate to reach the new generation of niches who are ladies in a sretsis style.

That's why we chose to celebrate our 20th anniversary with an exhibition.

instead of a fashion show

because we want to reach more new generations

I want to communicate with the new generation

and share experiences on the fashion path

Is this career path as beautiful as you think?

Oi :

There are many moments when I feel discouraged. Why are we making clothes?

And your mother will tell you that any career has obstacles as well.

But we are fortunate to have three brothers and sisters.

We build together

When one is discouraged, pretending to be gone

There were still two others to support him.

In the first era, we do collections twice a year, that's a lot.

But now it turns out that people's nature is very fast.

One year, I have to do 4 collections and still have to release a kiss kiss collection for the festival.

We have to adapt a lot to keep up with the rapidly changing world.

Despite wanting to take time to sit and think, sit and filter the work to come out the best.

Customers always want something new.

This is very challenging, the economy is not good.

Why do you dare to invest in creating such a large exhibition?

A :

The exhibition "INTO SRETSIS UNIVERSE, 20th Anniversary Exhibition" at ATT19 Charoenkrung 30 (from 10-30 September) to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the brand's journey.

In addition to recording real life stories at different times through the perspective of our three sisters.

This exhibition is very much our milestone.

to do this for Thailand

We feel that when we study abroad, we go to see many good exhibitions.

But why doesn't Thailand have such a thing?

It reinforces the brand of Thai nationality.

Even though the three of us grew up abroad

And the beginning of the brand was born in New York.

But in the end, we are Thai people and are a Thai brand.

Everything is our true root.

In 10 years, where does "Sretsis" see itself?

A :

It would be a clearer Sratesis.

Brother, you won't have to design a new collection every 2 months, we'll retell all of Sretsis' dreams to make it more understandable.

Ae believes that Sratesis exists in every woman.

We want to reach all women.

Sretsis is not one-sided.

I myself have a type that fits the 3 themes of Sretsis very well, but the other 2 themes I really want to wear.

But our puppets don't give anything like this.

But we would like to have at least one sretsis in a Thai girl's wardrobe.

that can be passed on from generation to generation.

Thairath Newspaper Team