The head of Ganja City Executive Authority, Niyazi Bayramov, together with the chairman of YAP Ganja city organization, Ramil Orujov, visited the families of our servicemen who were injured as a result of provocation by Armenian armed forces on the border.

According to the information provided to APA by the Executive Power, the city administration visited the homes of the military servicemen of the Azerbaijan Army, Sarkhan Farajov and Khayal Hajiyev, as well as the soldier Alasgar Khasiyev, and met and talked with their family members.

During the conversation, it was mentioned that the Azerbaijani Army freed our lands from occupation and the treachery of the insidious enemy by showing great determination and bravery.

The glorious Azerbaijan Army, which has become one of the strongest armies in the world, successfully fulfills the mission assigned to it under the leadership of Commander-in-Chief Muzaffar.

It was noted that 77 brave children of Azerbaijan became martyrs as a result of provocations by Armenia on the border.

However, the enemy was given a worthy response, and the blood of our martyrs was not left on the ground.

Niyazi Bayramov was interested in the concerns of the family members of our military personnel and gave appropriate tasks to solve the issues that concern them in a short period of time.

For information, let us inform you that overtime servicemen of the Azerbaijan Army, Sarkhan Farajov and Khayal Hajiyev, also participated in the 44-day Patriotic War.

Sarkhan Farajov was awarded with the "Participant of the Patriotic War" and "For the liberation of Shusha" medals, and Khayal Hajiyev with the "For the liberation of Kalabajar" and "For the liberation of Shusha" medals by the relevant decrees of President Ilham Aliyev.

It should be noted that the health of servicemen Sarkhan Farajov and Khayal Hajiyev, as well as soldier Alasgar Khasiyev, who are currently undergoing inpatient treatment, is satisfactory.