Call the world's loudest noise

When "Honda Motor" was announced in Japan on September 13 ago.

to the readiness to move forward with the development of electric motorcycles

Targeting Carbon Neutrality

With the development of a variety of electric motorcycles to meet the needs of consumers around the world with different needs.

It aims to launch at least 10 new electric motorcycles by 2025, with a target of selling 1 million electric motorcycles per year within the next 5 years.

And sales of Honda electric motorcycles will reach 3.5 million units per year (about 15% of total sales) by 2030.

Honda continues to insist on the production of gasoline engine motorcycles (ICE).

ready to accelerate the production of electric motorcycles

Focus on an environmental strategy aimed at achieving carbon neutrality for all motorcycle products in the 2040s.

Honda's motorcycle business policy is divided into 3 topics: 1. towards carbon neutrality.

2. Creating electric vehicles and 3. Making it easier to use electric motorcycles.

Honda reiterates its commitment to carbon neutrality.

Will continue to develop internal combustion engine motorcycles that reduce carbon dioxide emissions, while developing motorcycles that can use energy that is carbon neutral.

Currently it has started in Brazil.

in the electric motorcycle production plan

Honda, which plans to introduce no fewer than 10 electric motorcycles by 2025, will include both commuter EVs and fun-to-drift electric motorcycles (FUN EVs).

Including an electric motorcycle

"Kid Fun EV model"

for children designed to pass on the joy of driving to the new generation.

Because Honda intends to make electric motorcycles easier!!!