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Western military aid to Ukraine is vital in its fight against Russian invasion and the political will to send such aid should not wane, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kalas said today, citing recent successes by the Ukrainian armed forces.

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"The ongoing counteroffensive proves that military aid is bringing Ukraine closer to victory and peace. Our focus must be on increasing our aid and arms supplies to counter Russian aggression as quickly as possible," Kalas told a meeting of the Military NATO committee, DPA reported.

Recently, during a counteroffensive in eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian army took back territories occupied by Russian forces.

"The recent defeat of Russia on the battlefield (in Kharkiv) is indicative of Ukrainian determination and intelligence. It shows how effective the help and advice of the West is," Kalas said.

Estonian aid to Ukraine amounts to about 0.8 percent of the Baltic country's GDP and will continue "as long as necessary," the prime minister promised.

Estonia's defense chief, Lt. Gen. Martin Herem, also urged his colleagues from the other 29 NATO countries to continue helping Ukraine.

"If we want to preserve the world order as we know it, Ukraine must win. As defense chiefs, we must insist on substantial and lasting military assistance - either in the form of material support, training or other important assistance," said Herem, who is hosting the meeting.

"We all already understood that this is not a sprint, but a marathon," he emphasized.

Estonia wants sanctions against Russia tightened before winter

The defense chiefs of the 30 members of the alliance participate in the NATO Military Committee.

The committee advises the North Atlantic Council, the alliance's highest political body, on military matters. 

One of the main topics of the committee's two-day forum is the implementation of the decisions taken at the NATO summit in Madrid.

For the first time, the chiefs of defense of Finland and Sweden - the two northern countries that, after the Russian aggression against Ukraine, decided to join the pact - are participating as guests in the meeting of the committee.

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