Car World Club (CWC), the leader in the business of providing 24-hour emergency car assistance throughout the country, chaired by Mr. Busaba Lorkulsin, continues to move forward with a full stream.

while reiterating its commitment to continually develop and increase the potential of service

To accommodate customers in new markets that will increase according to the expansion of the automobile market

Therefore, it has continued to strengthen and establish more service agents in service areas nationwide.

and penetrating new markets of customers with habits of using social media on a regular basis

The president of the Camp Car World Club emphasized that although the price of oil has moved and adjusted all the time.

or currency with high volatility

But Car World Club still maintains the subscription fee at the same price for every package.

and also provide services in the same benefits

which has only the word worth

In addition to clenching teeth, the price of subscriptions and service fees have not yet been raised.

Car World Club is also preparing a project "CWC Mobile Application", an application for members and general users to use more conveniently.

Ready to start using at the end of the first quarter of 2023

In addition, special privileges, promotions and activities are prepared for the group of members.

Or those who are interested in having fun with the Car World Club, which is more than a 24-hour roadside assistance service.

For the rainy season this year, it is worth noting that it rains especially often.

Plus, it often rains heavily and it rains for a long time.

due to the effects of global warming

causing flooding problems in many areas

Some of which are flooded so high that the car has a problem with the engine can not continue to travel.

The problem of flooding is becoming another problem that people in the city, especially in Bangkok and suburbs, often face every time it rains.

causing problems in the use of road vehicles

due to having to wade through the flood

Khun Busaba said that during the rainy season

Most of the customers who call in to call for emergency services at the Car World Club will face problems with the engine stalling or failing to start caused by wading in torrents and causing water retention.

or driving through water

Then the rubber was born to step on the nail.

various iron scraps that swept with the water

until the tire leaks

If you encounter these problems while driving in the rain, you must use the right driving speed.

when there is an emergency

The first thing to have while driving is “consciousness” and then gradually reduce your speed.

look carefully at the participants

and bring the car to a safe area

to resolve the initial problems

“But if you can't fix it yourself

And if you are a CarWorld Club member, you can also contact the CarWorld Club Help Center, where our service personnel are available 24 hours a day to assist and assist you in your emergency.”

Whether the car does not start, tire leaks, rubber leaks, emergency oil runs out

Or the car can't continue, the Car World Club also offers a towing service to the desired service center or garage.

Create peace of mind throughout the journey during the rainy season!!!!

Al Capone