“Love” is a necessary reason for living.

Because both Western philosophy and Buddhist philosophy view love as the basis for the development of life towards the goal.

When a person attains the goal of life, nirvana.

He needs to start with kindness.

Whereas marriage is the result of developing love towards loving others more than yourself.

Because marriage is a complete life in Theravada Buddhist philosophy.

Marriage is just a function of each person between himself and others.

Both “love” and “marriage” are related by the necessary conditions that society wants to coexist.

Therefore, there is a social method known as… “marriage”.

But...that approach is to look at love in terms of self-sacrifice training.

Theravada Buddhist philosophy goes beyond that to see that sacrifice should not be limited to marriage.

but should develop love to quench the suffering that causes the feeling of being "us" and "our"

Once upon a time... Marriage was considered very important.

As in the Vedas, people who commit sins, use deceit, lack honesty, must go to the depths of hell.

Like a woman without a brother or an evil wife without a husband.

This idea made women have to be protected by men so they wouldn't go to hell.

and at the same time there was an idea that any family without a son would be devastated.

Traditions cannot be continued.

Therefore ... coexistence in marriage is important.

For Theravada Buddhist philosophy, the duty of living in the house is temporary.

But it must be done correctly and should develop or use love for reasons to prevent defilements.

At the same time, one should avoid that love by not clinging and letting go.

with ordination and dharma practice

for the goal is to achieve dharma

and... continue to spread that teaching to others

Whether it's someone we used to love or someone who hated it.

All of the above are excerpts from research papers.

“A Study and Analysis of Concepts of Love and Marriage in Theravada Buddhist Philosophy” Phra Maha Kwanchai Kittimatee Graduate School, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University


The wave of energy "love" that lovers are taking to pay homage.

"Phra Nang Jiraprapha Maha Devi", the King of Lanna

Inside the pavilion that sits alongside Phra Mueang Ketklao

In the Mangrai dynasty, Lok Moli Temple, Mueang Chiang Mai District

Chiang Mai Province

With great faith that I will come to pray for love, happiness and fulfillment... May the love last forever

There weren't any major obstacles.

flip history log

"Phra Nang Jiraprapha Maha Devi"

The word

"Maha Devi"

is a term referring to the consort of the former king and the mother of the later kings ... She is the consort of Phaya Ket or Phaya Ket Chettharat.

12th and 14th Mangrai dynasty kings

He reigned twice and had two sons: Thao Chai or Sai Kham and Chao Chom Muang.

According to the existing records, there is no evidence that

When did "Phra Nang Jiraprapha Maha Devi" die? However, it can be said that during the juncture in the history of political politics at that time.

Even if it's just a year after the Queen has ruled Chiang Mai...

But...she was able to save the city from disaster.

This is because the knowledge and ability of

"Phra Nang Jiraprapha Maha Devi"


"Phra Nang Jiraprapha Maha Devi"...is the god of sacred love.

It is said that people who do not have a partner come to pray will find a partner.

People who are married to ask for a child are fulfilled.

have a child that fulfills their wishes

In addition, if any couple comes to pay homage to the blessings, they will encourage and support them to have a lasting love.

Phrakhru Paiboon Jetiyanurak

Abbot of Wat Lok Moli said that Phra Nang Jiraprapha Maha Devi

be the king

or the female king of Lanna over 400 years ago

where she is the wife of Phra Mueang Ketklao

Creator and patron of Wat Lok Molee

The temple has summoned both of them to be enshrined.

History according to the chronicles

After Phra Muang Ketklao was assassinated

Phra Nang Jiraprapha Maha Devi

therefore ascended to the throne

When it comes to Ayothaya

therefore sent soldiers to capture the city of Nopburi, Srinakorn Ping

With love for the husband and the people

Phra Nang Jiraprapha Maha Devi

therefore used a tactic to negotiate that the next 2 years would be a colony

Ayothaya...with this love, people have given her to the goddess of love.

When it comes to the day of love or important days, they will come together to bloom.

especially the unmarried

A wave of faith overflows, causing word-of-mouth to spread through the comings and goings of fortune telling.

Ask about job duties

which is all a matter of faith

The measure did not promote anything.

But when people bring eggs to vow

Novice monks in the temple received merit.

especially during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The temple relied on the egg that my cousin Yom brought to vow.

reiterate that ... those who come to make a wish and bloom with the statue

"Phra Nang Jiraprapha Maha Devi" must strictly practice in prayer.

One...if you don't really love, don't pray. Two...beg for love on 9 chicken eggs, vouch 108 eggs, 9 fruits, three...ask for work, on 7 chicken eggs, vow 99 eggs, 9 fruits.

Four...asking for education on 9 fruits, solving 9 fruits, 9 chicken eggs, five...paying debt on 12 chicken eggs, solving 24 eggs, 9 fruits, six... asking for a lottery on 3 chicken eggs, solving the above. old chicken eggs

Seven...Selling land, broker on 7 chicken eggs, fixing 108 eggs, 9 fruits.

“Faith” brings “miracles”. How you believe, do not believe, please do not “blaspheme”.