The latest news is hot, reporting in 2022 until there is a metaphor that

A glass of beer a day may save you from having to rely on a doctor.

As we have heard that

eat an apple a day

The doctor can go a long way.

This is a report from a research team from Portugal.

Published in the journal Agriculture and food chemistry, it is a robust study and is measured or assessed by analyzing whether there is an increase in the diversity of microorganisms or bacteria in the gut.

The main purpose of this study is

Should be a compromise or not.

with the anti-alcohol trend that began to emerge that one should not drink at all

and on another point to prove that

According to legend, beer is good for health.

Helping various systems, is it true? And if the good beer is actually good, the presence of alcohol in it will dilute the goodness until it disappears and becomes the only punishment.

As usual, in the US 2020 to 2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the level of alcohol you can consume is:

One cup or one drink a day

That is, there are 14 grams of alcohol for a woman.

For men it can go up.

By up to two drinks a day, or the equivalent of 28 grams.

Men are equal to two cans. Can 1 is 330 cc. The alcohol size is 4% (women are also one can).

But if ordering a glass, for example, one pint will be a bit larger in the American system, it is 473 cc. The British system is 568 cc (so look at that too.

When there is a sale, what system is the happy hour happy hour?

There is a fair amount of evidence of the benefits of beer or alcohol as it increases the levels of good fats and decreases the levels of bad fats.

Reduces blood viscosity through platelets and alleviates insulin resistance.

Nonetheless, the potential benefits include blood vessels in the body, including heart and diabetes.

will be overshadowed by drinking beer and getting fat, lazy, not exercising, together with food or snacks.

that cause inflammation

And there is also a risk of cancer.

What the research team described is

In beer, there are polyphenols from hops, which in the brewing of beer.

Adding hops for flavor and bitterness

And there is also a pre-nil flavonoid called xanthohumol by preclinical studies.

is studied in animals, not people.

The results of the study were interesting with the said substance.

It is likely to reduce the risk of oxidative-related and chronic disease, both obesity and diabetes, and during the brewing process, santhohumol is restructured into


which is effective in a beneficial way as well

Polyphenol components in beer

When it reaches the intestines, it has the effect of adjusting the condition of both microorganisms.

kind and variety

Until there are many brands of beer.

There are microorganisms that are contaminated with it.

One of the largest intestinal microbial studies with a large population is the Flemish Gut Flora Project.

Beer in healthy people has a beneficial effect on the normalization of the intestinal microflora.

Consequently, whether having or not having alcohol had a different effect, the researchers divided study participants into two groups aged 18 to 65 years and without chronic gastro and gastrointestinal diseases, including intestinal disorders. irritable

and no ischemic heart disease, diabetes, arteriosclerosis in the legs

have no HIV or hepatitis and have not been on antibiotics in the previous four weeks and have not used laxatives in the previous two weeks and are not an alcoholic or drug addict another

Research registered in clinical trials NCT 03513432.

Throughout the research period

Exercise and working conditions will remain at the same level.

including the type and amount of food

The volunteers were not aware that they drank (5.2%) or non-alcoholic (0%) beer in lager beer, provided that the amount of isosanthhohumol was known.

and xanthohumol by HPLC–DAD assay after SPE extraction.

both before and after

In a study that lasted 4 weeks, stools were collected.

The blood (serum cardiometabolic markers) and body composition were analyzed in detail by the In Body machine, and the results were recorded using the food frequency questionnaire.

Analysis of microbial species and diversity by preparing DNA libraries (V3 and V4 regions) to standard analysis based on the method we use.

In addition to looking at the diversity of microorganisms

Indices of intestinal inflammation and endothelial leakage were also assessed by fecal alka line phosphatase activity.

The results of a study in 11 volunteers, followed for four weeks, showed that both groups had an increase of more than 20 healthy or beneficial microorganisms and no change in weight was observed.

amount and distribution of body fat, including indicators

Cardiometabolic conditions in the blood

results of this study

different from the report in

The Alcohol Journal 2020, conducted in Arizona, USA, studied men and women in Mexico between the ages of 21 and 53 who drank 12 ounces (1 ounce, approximately 30 cc) of non-alcoholic beer a day with that beer. 4.9% alcohol for 30 days, with visible benefit only in non-alcoholic beer drinkers.

where there is an increase in the diversity of microorganisms

The 2020 study is not specific.

Not all of the volunteers were in perfect health.

This may explain the differences in the results of the two studies.

Conclusion Drinking beer to the benefits.

For people who are perfectly healthy and do not have any underlying disease.

Should be able to drink both non-alcoholic or non-alcoholic

And what is interesting is

Lager beer could be better

with the ability to make the lining of the intestinal wall to be stronger

But the limitation that all beer drinkers know is

Non-alcoholic beer looks weird.

And the research team leader interviewed that the taste was “a bit wierd.”

For people with pre-existing metabolic diseases, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, abnormal fat, blood vessel disease

It seems to be better to stay with non-alcoholic beer, taking into account the effect of intestinal microbes that can cause inflammation in the intestines.

Penetrating into the blood, spreading throughout the body, even hitting the brain.

So if you want to drink happily

then adjust health to normal as soon as possible

will get benefits from drinking alcohol beer

stubborn doctor