"Soonthorn Phu" wrote "Nirat Muang Klaeng" in 1806 as the first Nirat story of immortal literary figures.

which UNESCO declared as an important person in the world at a later time

Such a nirat is a poem that records the journey by boat.

From the city of Bangkok to "Ban Kram", Klaeng District, Rayong Province

to visit his father who was ordained as a monk there...some poems were written

“At the end of the night in the neighborhood of the house,

encountered the tribe of the family

take the kratti in the presence of the Father

Swallowed the tears, did not listen to the dazzling

Ziro prostrated his feet freely.

Annoyed, mourning, no desire to disappear

Deterioration of karma makes animals dazzle

therefore dispersed the royal family."

"Ton Krabok" restaurant, the best... Eastern folk food

"Khun Chai 1" had the opportunity to meet with "Kru Aor" Anongrat Sat-udom, an art teacher at Wat Klang Kram Community School, said that if you arrive at Ban Kram, a restaurant that is suitable for tourists must decide.

"Ton Krabok Restaurant", which is strange in both the name of the shop and outstanding in both the taste of local oriental food ... promptly decided to go straight to this restaurant.

This shop is near Sunthon Phu Monument, go along Road No. 3145, join 2 kilometers to the intersection of 2 crossroads, by the 1st crossroads, go straight to Mae Phim Beach, the 2nd crossroads, turn left to “Ao Khai” for 50 meters, the shop will be on the right hand side.

It is a single-storey house surrounded by plants.

There is a "Krabok Tree", auspicious tree sized for 2 people, covering the roof of the shop.

On the day we arrived...unfortunately, there was no one to recommend the food because the people who knew weren't at the restaurant.

but not

...Take the experience to look at the menu and taste it before after paying.

Not to cause any qualms with anyone who doesn't know who has finished reviewing and refuses to pay in the style of a fake reviewer...Khun Chai is very careful about this type of "Sung Tung".

With always thinking...we are the middleman to recommend reliable restaurants.

As for the reader, it is the “consumer” who generates income for the restaurant as an investor…there is no benefit to this guide.

So...take a food menu that is the same thickness as a Gow Leng novel and read it. Sigh!

It wants to taste it all.

But before he spoke, a mysterious voice sounded first… “Bang!” causing his trembling to disappear for a moment.

I thought that two groups of teenagers were shooting at each other here.

Hanree turned around for a while... so he knew that the krabot dropped the pole and landed on the roof of the first, second, third, third shop, following from time to time.

..."Kwan Ay Kwanma" can only comfort herself.

At the end of a thrilling minute, the food menu is perfectly matched with the event, which is

"Kaeng Moo Krathue"

, which is covered with authentic local pork wild curry.

The face looks intense with the aromatic curry paste that comes with the smoky smoky smell...a variety of Thai herbs and vegetables can be used as a substitute for many medicines.

There is a proverbial eggplant saying crackers in front of glasses.

The indispensable item is the eggplant.

Chilli Pointed Lightning

Kaffir lime leaves add aroma and flavor to pork that is sliced ​​into bite-sized bites...suitable as a laxative according to textbooks.

“This restaurant's pork stew is different than the others,” Kru Aor said, “they use an ancient local recipe from the local villagers.

That is, there must be a head or a rhizome cut into pieces like galangal or roe.

Add to add fragrance

It also provides properties instead of gastric juice tonics.

Old people believe that it reduces chest tightness and cures toxic sputum.”

"Khun Chai 1" listened to the tasting and couldn't help but cry, oh my!

Instead of answering that it's such a menu of wild curry dishes.

The chemistry matches the taste of people who like curry that doesn't need coconut milk like other types of rice.

The more you get a pair of hot jasmine rice to eat as well... I can tell you that.

Really "Delicious Sarati"

Suddenly, the bell rang, “Gang”, signaling the second round was about to begin.

This time, it's a battle with traditional oriental food that can be found in Chonburi, Rayong, Chanthaburi, and Yantrad, such as "Kala Chicken Curry" or Kaeng Pa Kai Kala.

using the same mortar

"Pork Krathue Curry" and vegetables with the same seasoning...

The difference is that there is a pure coconut shell.

that he would choose only coconuts that had just grown fruit for a while

And not yet, the meat that is the shell is soft.

Can be cut into pieces and put cooked with curry.

This menu... delicious food is at the chicken.

which if it is a chewing house chicken, then it is sticky

Eat along with the crispy, tender and juicy chunks of coconut shell meat topped with curry paste...Mother!

It's not wrong to say, "Here you go!"

Two great dishes are recommended for this menu.

Should have had an omelet to cure the heat or boiled soft boiled rubber according to the culture of cannibalism in this region.

especially fresh vegetables besides vegetables on the fence

It is a vegetable by the garden like a grain of sato, smaller than the southern sato, and "Hua Chaniang" that is similar to "Luk Niang" in our southern country.

Another thing is "Luk Yong", a hybrid with green meat such as saut, but crispy like Hua Chaniang. It can be found around Khlung District, Chanthaburi Province. It's very decisive...if you can eat it with local wild curry in this area.

There are also hundreds and dozens of awesome menus to choose from, such as a set of chili paste using Baan Kram shrimp paste to be eaten with fresh vegetables and boiled vegetables. There is also the “Stir-Fried Eagle Fish with Basil” that is not too spicy or “Salad Dai Beef Curry” with herbs that are available. almost every region

In addition, there is also "Pork Chamuang", a food that is still debated between the people of Muang Yong and the city of Chan.

Who owns the recipe?

Or it's the menu "Herbal Salad" and "Garlic Mushroom" that provide excellent nutritional value...food prices range from 50-60-150 per dish, the most expensive is 250 baht.

Shop "Ton Krabok" is open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM every day. Call to inquire at the number.

08–9163–5174, 09–5095–0621...Whoever goes to Mae Phim before going to Ao Khai must not miss it.

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