The book writer Reineris Andreu

The bookmaker Reineris Andreu will be in the 58 kg playoff at the World Wrestling Championship

, after winning a match and falling in the round of 16 against one of the finalists of the division.

Andreu, a double world titleholder among those under 23 years of age, made his debut with success due to a 10-0 technical superiority against the South African Jakobo Tanki Tau.

In a fight decided in less than two minutes, the Creole managed to chain several unbalanced actions to defeat a fighter whose best performance was his 2020 African bronze.


in the round of 16, he lost in the same way to the surprising Albanian Zelimkhan Abakarov, a debutant in world events but who advanced to the 57 kg final.

In the match against Abakarov, the Cuban received the first six points in the first half, while the European completed the remaining four in the second.

Facing an opponent who appealed to a constant attack to unbalance the criollo, Andreu had few defenses and was unable to find gaps to counter

Looking ahead to the playoffs this Saturday,

Andreu will face the Colombian Oscar Tigreros, Pan American bronze this year and runner-up in the editions from 2017 to 2019.


Franklin Marén (74 kg) yielded in his first outing for a quick 12-2 against him that decreed the defeat due to technical superiority.

The Antillean fell to the Ukrainian Zielimkhan Tohuzov, a rival with little record and whose most outstanding performance was eleventh place in the 2021 World Cup.

Marén showed an exaggeratedly low level for an event in the world and received all her points in just one minute and 45 from the start of the fight.

In the next round the European fell to the Mexican Diego Antonio Sandoval and sealed the elimination of the Caribbean.