The Transfermóvil application, developed by the Cuban Telecommunications Company (Etecsa) reached 3.7 million users

, closing the month of August with 70 million operations.

This was announced by Julio Antonio García Trápaga, director of electronic commerce of Etecsa, in the Electronic Commerce Workshop that concludes this Friday, adding that 26 operations are carried out every second.

He highlighted that

at the moment the application has more than 60 services and among the most popular ones stand out mobile balance recharge, transfer within the banking sector, service payments, recharge of the Nauta account, among others.

García Trápaga considered that

2020 was the year that definitively promoted electronic commerce in the country

, largely due to the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic that forced changes in people's dynamics and it was at this point that Transfermóvil began to have a greater impulse in its development.

Similarly, he highlighted that

the Bulevar Mi Transfer exceeds the figure of 16,000 businesses

, at a rate of two operations per minute, with an availability greater than 99.9% and a sustained growth in operations carried out since its inception.

(With information from Granma)