The clip was shot on the streets of St. Petersburg, despite the fact that after the start of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, the rapper preferred to live and give concerts outside of Russia.

The author speaks not only against the war in Ukraine, but also against mass repressions and persecution of dissidents.

In the "Oida" clip, Oxxxymiron says that he is ready to return to the underground, congratulates the "SC and the Prosecutor's Office" and stands in solidarity with the Russian opposition.

"Our flag has white snow and a blue river," sings Oxxxymiron, alluding to the white flag with a blue stripe, which has become a symbol of anti-war opposition protests in Russia and abroad.

In the chorus, he apparently addresses the Russian authorities, mentioning that they have taken away Russia as a home from many Russians: "Take away the house, suffocate in it - and we will re-elect."

Two hours after the "Oida" clip appeared on YouTube, the Investigative Committee of Russia received a request to check the clip for extremism.

The authors of the appeal are the "People's Call" organization, which is known for its denunciation of performers whom it considers "enemies of Russia".