Russia's special military operation plan cannot be amended.

APA's Moscow correspondent reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin said this at a press conference on the results of his visit to Uzbekistan.

According to him, the General Staff makes operational decisions during the operation.

"The main goal of the special operation is the liberation of the entire territory of Donbass.

Despite the counterattack of the Ukrainian army, this work continues.

Our offensive operation in Donbass has not stopped.

The operation is proceeding at a slow pace, but gradually the Russian army is occupying new territories.

I reminded that we are not fighting with our whole army.

We fight with a part of our army, with those who serve under the contract.

Therefore, we are not in a hurry," Putin said.

According to the Russian president, there are no changes in the operational plan. According to him, the General Staff considers something important and something secondary.

Vladimir Putin said that the main task remains unchanged.