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Germany should have the "best equipped army in Europe", said today German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who also called for strengthening the role of European countries within NATO, reported France Press.

"Taking into account the fact that our country has the largest population, has the greatest economic power and is located in the center of the continent, our army must become a pillar of conventional defense in Europe, in the most Europe's well-equipped army," Scholz said in a speech to Bundeswehr (German army) troops.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has become a turning point for German defense policy, with Berlin setting up a special fund worth 100 billion euros to modernize the equipment of its armed forces.

"A former German defense minister thought that we were already 'surrounded by friends only'. The truth is that politics, economics and much of society embraced this thesis, and it led to serious consequences. To wrong consequences, as we find today, especially looking at the state of the German army," Scholz pointed out.

Scholz congratulated the national holiday of Ukraine, promised more weapons for 500 million euros

"At the same time, we clearly and convincingly show that Germany is ready to take primary responsibility for the security of our continent," the German leader added.

Scholz also spoke about the situation of the European countries in NATO.

"We, the Europeans, must take on more responsibilities within NATO," emphasized the chancellor.

Scholz also said he supported the idea of ​​creating a "European General Staff" to lead missions similar to the withdrawal of ordinary citizens from Afghanistan or the training missions of European forces in Iraq, Mali or Niger.


Olaf Scholz