La Roja was definitely out of the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Chile's dream of attending the 2022 Qatar World Cup was definitely broken today

, when the highest international football authority rejected a claim against Ecuador for alleged improper alignment of a player.

La Roja, as the national team is called here,

failed to qualify for the tournament in the qualifiers corresponding to the South American region, which meant a serious blow to fans of a highly popular sport.

However, hope lit up again when the version was spread that Ecuador used player Byron Castillo in several games, including the two in which he beat Chile, who was presumably born in Colombia.

The federations of Chile and Peru filed a separate claim before the Appeals Committee of the International Federation of Football Association, hoping to find a ticket to the main world competition in that sport.

This Friday the verdict was announced, in which Castillo's Ecuadorian nationality is officially recognized and that country is given a free pass to Qatar 2022, where it will debut in group A on November 20 against the host team.

(With information from Prensa Latina)