A scandal marked the show "Panorama" on BNT this evening.

For the first half an hour, the conversation went smoothly, but then the tension began to rise gradually.

This happened when discussing the war in Ukraine.

The leaders of the European Union, instead of making efforts to end the war in Ukraine, hysterically talk about the victory of Ukraine.

The war continues because of weak EU leaders.

It is important for us to have national unity, said Dimitar Mitev from "Bulgarian Social Democracy - Euroleft"

These are the mainstays only of Russian propaganda, this is only in their sick brains – we want peace, but we make war, we want peace, but we kill women and children in Ukraine, Boyan Rasate from "Bulgarian National Union".

We absolutely must break away from our dependence on Russia, he emphasized.

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We are talking about Russia, Ukraine, the USA, but where is Bulgaria?

Russia, Ukraine and the USA do not interest me.

I am interested in being able to pay my bills, for our people to be well, said Svetoslav Vitkov from "Voice of the People".

We must maintain complete neutrality.

At what point were we asked if we wanted to join NATO?

How long will they divide us?

We are interested in the Bulgarian people.

Facing us is the Run-It Plan and world satanism.

The coming cold winter is planned by the global Zionist system and the Illuminati, announced Vencislav Angelov from the "People's Party Truth and Only the Truth".

We can love one or another country, but our task is to preserve the national one, noted Georgi Nedelchev from the "Bulgarian Union for Direct Democracy"

The Ukrainian refugees were accommodated in hotels, their allowance was over 1,000 leva per month, and for the Bulgarians, who were suffering after the flood in Karlovsko, the state was pleased to give a one-time aid of 350 leva.

This is humiliating, said Mincho Hristov from "Movement of Non-Party Candidates".

I am disgusted by what Mr. Hristov said, it was taken directly from hybrid Russian propaganda.

The entire robbery of the Bulgarian state was carried out by one party, which was transformed into the BSP, of which he was a member of parliament.

We should not look for fault in the mother who runs away because some abnormal Chechen thug wants to rape her, said Boyan Rasate.

Shortly after that, the tension escalated sharply and a scandal broke out in the studio with the participation of Svetoslav Vitkov and Dimitar Mitev.

The two of them exchanged the addresses "communist" and "servant of the communists", and Mitev called Vitkov a "chalga singer".

The NSO threw a politician out of the lot for the elections

Vitkov got up, went to Mitev and called him outside so they could understand "manly".

That's how communists fight, it happens because we didn't beat them in time, Vitkov said, shouting "liglio" at Mitev.

After the presenter Boyko Vassilev managed to break up the two, Vitkov also sat down and said that he couldn't help but be affected when the chalga singer line was thrown at him, because, according to him, he was never like that.

After that, he got angry again, went to Mitev again and entered into a close verbal confrontation with him.

After that, he took his place again briefly, but then got up and left the studio saying to Mitev: "I will wait for you outside".



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