Date of the day

Genadz Karpenko

was born on September 17, 1949

, politician, scientist, participant of the national-democratic movement of the 1990s.

Gennady Karpenko

This day is in history

1590 - Lida received a coat of arms.

1787 - the US Constitution was adopted in Philadelphia.

1939 — The Red Army began a campaign in Western Belarus and Western Ukraine.

1939 — the Polish president, the government, foreign diplomats attached to the government, the commander-in-chief, the primate and other persons left Poland and went to Romania, where they were interned.

1993 - the last Russian military units left Poland.

These days were born

1857 -

Konstantin Tsialkovsky

, Russian scientist in the field of cosmonautics.

1891 -

Arkady Smolych,

a figure of national-state revival, one of the theorists of Belarusian social democracy, specialist in geography, economics, cartography, Minister of Agriculture of the BNR.

Arkady Smolich

1912 -

Maxim Tank

, national poet of Belarus.

Maxim Tank

1922 —

Uladzimer Kalesnik

, Belarusian writer, literary critic, critic, teacher.

1959 -

Siarhei Dubavets

, writer and publicist, the first editor of the "Nasha Niva" newspaper, which was restored in 1991.

Siarhei Dubovets

In memory

1999 —

Viktar Vuyachych

, singer, People's Artist of Belarus.

2013 —

Viktar Markovets,

artist, participant of the national democratic movement of the 1980s — beginning.

XXI century.

Victor Markovets