The UN is concerned about the dangerous tension between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the South Caucasus and calls on the parties to take serious steps for de-escalation.

APA reports that Miroslav Jenka, Deputy Secretary General for Europe, Central Asia and America, said this at the meeting of the UN Security Council dedicated to the tension on the Azerbaijan-Armenia state border.

According to him, the UN teams in both countries are in contact with the governments, and if the conditions allow, the organization is ready to help the emerging humanitarian needs: "This is the biggest and most serious conflict since 2020.

This fact proves that the normalization process between the two countries faces obstacles.

The latest escalation underscores the urgent need for the parties to move forward in the ongoing delimitation and demarcation process within the framework of mutual recognition of territorial integrity and sovereignty.

We call on the parties to take advantage of this important mechanism, to eliminate tension on the border.

The clashes reminded once again the constructive participation of the actors in this region and outside the region for a peaceful solution.

Noting the mediation of the EU and Russia, the official added that the UN fully supports these international efforts.

He stressed that their activities can create an environment to lead the parties to dialogue for long-term peace.