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A royal guard on duty at Elizabeth II's coffin in the Palace of Westminster has fainted.

The soldier suddenly collapses as he stands stretched out during the vigil where the mortal remains of the British Queen are, reports

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The death of Queen Elizabeth II and the new crown prince 137

The incident was reported by the Daily Mail, but the videos were quickly shared by many TV channels covering the funeral ceremony.

Police are reported to have come to the rescue, and the vigil was briefly suspended.

The casket containing the Queen's body is guarded around the clock, and the guard changes every six hours.

The mourning ceremony began yesterday, during which the coffin was transported to Westminster, where the farewell ceremony for Elizabeth II takes place.

It started at 5pm on September 14 and will continue until 6.30am on September 19, when the royal funeral is also scheduled.

Authorities warned people to prepare to wait up to 30 hours in line for the pilgrimage.

It is now more than 3.5 kilometers long, from those wishing to pay their respects in Westminster Hall in the Parliament complex, where the coffin of the late Queen Elizabeth II is on display for worship.

The hall will be open around the clock for the next four days.

The casket arrived at the hall in a solemn procession from Buckingham Palace.

Here are the guests at the Queen's funeral

Transport for London said a limited number of trains to and from London were running overnight to help people get home.

Meanwhile, security measures are being tightened in the British capital ahead of the state funeral.

#BREAKING: Royal guard standing at the Queen's coffin in Westminster Hall has collapsed.


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The death of Queen Elizabeth II and the new heir to the throne