Children, you are the modern guardians of Bulgarian letters.

This was stated by acting Prime Minister Galab Donev

Galab Donev was born in 1967 in Sofia.

He graduated from the 35th Russian Language High School in Sofia, who opened the school year at the 60th Primary School "St. Cyril and Methodius".

Donev thanked for the opportunity to return to his first school.

The excitement I feel on this first day of school is like what I felt almost 50 years ago when I first crossed the threshold of this school, the Prime Minister declared.

He said that this is one of the oldest schools in Sofia and in Bulgaria.

"In 1842, on September 1, Pop Georgi Velichkov gathered a group of boys in the back room, adjacent to the village tavern, to teach them to read and write," the acting prime minister recalled the story.

Today is the first day of school!

According to him, it was in this school that he learned to read and write.

He also learned to grow flowers.

"There was a competition for the best-grown flower in a pot, I joined in the fourth grade and in the fifth grade I won it with the begonia I grew," said Donev and noted that growing flowers requires care, attention, persistence and a lot of love.

Your teachers, with persistence, patience and affection, cultivate in you, in your minds and hearts, the love of knowledge.

Teachers, be patient to cultivate love, let the flower of knowledge bloom in the minds and hearts of your students.

Parents, you are the third invisible participant in the classrooms, be the support of your children, the Prime Minister addressed them, urging them to write in Cyrillic, to get to know and study our native language.

"Perhaps foreign words will seem modern to you, but Bulgarian words are the ones that will keep you strongly connected to your parents and your country," Prime Minister Galab Donev also pointed out

Galab Donev was born in 1967 in Sofia.

He graduated from the 35th Russian Language High School in Sofia.

He presented the school with an icon of St.

Cyril and Methodius and received as a gift a panel with his photos from the time when he was a graduate of the 60th school.

Dove Donev