A young man died on the spot in a serious road accident last week.

He was hit by a motorcycle while crossing a section above the Northern Express Tangent in Sofia, which is now closed to traffic.

The track was systematically used for illegal races, reports BNT.

The incident happened shortly before midnight on September 5.

According to the relatives of 24-year-old Renato Stiliyanov, a group of friends gathered at the section closed to traffic, but not for a race.

They say that the young man tried to cross the road when he was hit by a motorcyclist who was also present at the gathering.

Renato died on the spot, and the driver of the motorcycle was injured in the collision and taken to hospital.

Relatives of the deceased want to know the truth about the boy's death - under what circumstances he lost his life.

After the chase and shooting: The 19-year-old man who drove without a license was given to the prosecutor

After learning of Renato's death, his brother began looking for witnesses.

He learned from an eyewitness that on the fateful night a group of friends and acquaintances gathered on motorcycles in a section that was not open to traffic.

"They came to see each other and one of the guys was going down in the dark to turn, coming back he gassed a few times, stops gassing and everyone thinks he's going to stop at them and my brother decides to cross to go to the toilet and at that moment the other driver pushed him," said Stiliyan Stiliyanov - Renato's brother.

"This place was used for gatherings, for races, etc. On the particular evening there was nothing, they just gathered to see each other, smoke a cigarette. He was not driving the bike, the death certificate says pedestrian" , explained Nikola Stoilov - Renato's friend.

Renato's relatives asked to see his bike, which he used to go to the place.

It turned out that it was in a boy from the company, who returned it to them four days after the accident.

One of his phones is missing.

His loved ones checked the cloud data storage system where all his photos and contacts were automatically saved.

"There is absolutely nothing on the phone, not even his photos, as well as phone numbers, there is absolutely nothing on it. Even if there was something, we cannot find out at the moment," said Stiliyan Stiliyanov - Renato's brother.

According to emergency services, the incident was reported at 11:53 p.m.

Four minutes after midnight, the ambulance was already on the scene.

Medics pronounced the death of the pedestrian, and the motorcyclist was taken to hospital.

The SDVR stated that the motorcyclist's alcohol and drug tests were negative.

They also report that they have carried out an on-site inspection and a pre-trial proceeding has been initiated.

Relatives of the dead boy claim that the person who hit him is the son of a prosecutor and that he often violates the rules of the road.

To date, this information remains unconfirmed.

"I want the truth to come out and the person who caused this to get what he deserved," said Stiliyan Stiliyanov - Renato's brother.

According to our sources, unregulated races are most often held on unpopulated road sections around Sofia in the wee hours of the day.

Participants usually get to know each other in private Facebook groups.

The scene of the incident is one of the most preferred.

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