Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin will have a bilateral meeting (File Photo)

When the President of China 

is about to travel outside the country for the first time in nearly 1000 days, China is finding itself isolated in the American-led global system.

They are finally looking at Vladimir Putin

as an alternative


According to Bloomberg,

 Xi Jinping and Putin will meet face-to-face on Thursday for the first time since Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

According to the Russian parliament, Beijing considers relations with Russia important because it is necessary for China to stand before the US.

This meeting between Russia and China will be on the sideline of the SCO meeting to be held in Uzbekistan.

Countries like India and Iran will participate in this meeting.

This group aims to promote the fabric of a multipolar world.  

Ahead of the meeting, Xi will stay in Kazakhstan on Wednesday, which became a key part of China's Belt-and-Road trade-and-infrastructure plan nearly nine years ago.

This foreign policy of China has been on the target of America and its allies since then.

Now preparations are being made to provide $600 billion to give Chinese financing options in low-income countries. 

Xi's stay in both Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will strengthen his policy where China will be able to expand its interests without the threat of financial or military pressure from the US.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping will be able to take advantage of this agenda in the big meeting of the Communist Party to be held next month.

This meeting is held once in two decades.

In this meeting, Xi Jinping is looking for a chance to play the third innings as the leader of the world's second largest economy.    

Big things are at stake for both Xi Jinping and Putin at the moment.

The two leaders had said that their friendship had "no boundaries".

This statement came just weeks before Russia attacked Ukraine in February.

In recent days, Putin has seen Ukraine recapture large swathes of land by pushing back Russian forces.

Whereas, Xi is under strong pressure on Taiwan to prevent Taiwan from building closer ties with the US and its allies.