A military correspondent known for his closeness to the Kremlin and a prominent supporter of Vladimir Putin made an inadvertent error during his live broadcast on one of Russia's state television channels.

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While explaining from Donbass what the situation is on the front, the correspondent Alexander Sladkov stated that the Russian army is suffering

huge losses

and has many wounded, but he quickly realized what he said and in an attempt to "blur" the situation added that they are still achieving "great success" .

As is known, shortly after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Moscow banned the spread of "false claims" that criticize the so-called

"special military operation" and discredit the Russian army, launched as a "liberator" by the pro-Kremlin media.

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According to British BBC journalist and Russia expert Francis Scarr, this is probably the first time such a thing has been said on Russian state television.

Judging by how he changed the direction [of the conversation], I think Alexander Sladkov forgot who he was talking to, tweeted Scar and shared an excerpt of the Russian correspondent's statement in question.

I'm fairly sure this is the first time TV has said anything like this since the invasion

Judging by how he changed direction, I think Alexander Sladkov forgot who he was talking to

"We're losing an enormous number of people. We have wounded . We're having.... great successes" pic.twitter.com/SLcNmYL4cq

— Francis Scarr (@francis_scarr) September 13, 2022

Russian invasion of Ukraine