The head of a sector and the head of a group in the capital's "Road Police" are two of the police officers in leadership positions who helped Georgi Semerdzhiev, who caused an accident in the center of Sofia with two victims.

This is what BNR learned.

Among the employees found to have provided assistance are security police officers in two regional police departments in Sofia.

They are punishing three heads of police departments in Sofia because of Semerdzhiev

During the inspections at the Ministry of the Interior, it was established that in the past years the officials only drew up acts of Semerdzhiev, without reporting the cases of violations.

The third executive officer works in one of the Metropolitan District Police Departments.

The majority of those working in the Ministry of the Interior, caught in unregulated relations with Semerdzhiev, work in "Road Police" Sofia.

There are also several officers of the "Security Police".

They have suspended the former footballer over the years for various offences.

During the inspections, it became clear that some of the cases should have been reported to the prosecutor's office, but this did not happen.

In the meantime, reshuffles are also expected in the leadership of the "Road Police" under the SDVR.

BNR sources claim, however, that they have nothing to do with the case related to Georgi Semerdzhiev.


Georgi Semerdzhiev