The chairman of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Memli Krasniqi, has called on Prime Minister Albin Kurti to show himself as a statesman and find a solution for the children to return to school, and not to hold political grudges against the government to the detriment of the students of Kosovo.

The leader of the opposition, Memli Krasniqi, wrote on his Facebook page that today in the meeting between Prime Minister Albin Kurti and the head of the Strike Council Rrahman Jasharaj, there had to be an agreement, because the damage of the dispute is already visible for 13 days.

He said that families, parents, and mostly children today need a solution, not a blockade.

"Citizens and rulers are divided by the way they see the character of government.

For the former, power is the relationship between the rulers and the governed.

For the second, it is ownership of the governed.

Prime Minister, you have started the dialogue with the trade unions in the wrong way and you are feeding it in the wrong way, just like a ruler, far from any quality of a statesman", said Krasniqi.

He called on Kurti to offer a compromise and not hold grudges against the protagonists.

"Because the teachers chose Rrahman Jashari, but the citizens chose you.

Today, it is our citizens and children, who are the most damaged by your addiction to show yourself strong in front of the trade unionists.

And this does not belong to a prime minister.

It is not your quality as a person, but your promises that have brought you to power.

You don't need to be a brother to anyone, but you need to be a responsible prime minister for everyone.

Therefore, find a way and unblock the situation", said Krasniqi.

The head of the PDK has said that the children must return to school urgently.

"There is no greater responsibility today, nor is there a more important agenda for you as the prime minister of the country, than to rethink and act as common sense requires, so that tomorrow the students and teachers start the journey of the new school year.

Children come first, others follow.

For the rest we can understand you.

We cannot forgive this arrogance for the children", said Krasniqi.