Every car undergoes a technical inspection once a year.

However, some drivers fall under the radar when they go for a technical inspection and are fined.

That is, the driver pays the fine and drives the car to the place where the technical inspection takes place.

At this time, even if he pays all the fines, the radars see that car as a passenger vehicle that has not passed technical inspection and automatically transfer it to the system.

Samira Gurbanova is one of those drivers.

In relation to the issue, Togrul Nasirli, inspector of the Department of Relations with Public Institutions of the General State Traffic Police Department, said that the information about the completion of the technical inspection of the car is sent to every driver.

However, the driver is given a certain time to pass the technical inspection: "All drivers are given 20 days by law to pass the technical inspection of their car.

Once again, we ask all drivers to undergo a technical inspection on time."

According to Togrul Nasirli, the Chief State Traffic Police informs every driver on time.

This information is provided by SMS notification.

In this case, all responsibility falls on mobile operator providers. 

Transport expert Arshad Huseynovov says that drivers can take the car to a technical inspection with a tow truck as a way out of the problem.

The journey of the tow trucks within the city is about 20 manats.

Semral Javad