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We must be realistic and there must be no euphoria, no belief in a recent victory.

No, Russia is a country with huge potential.

It is important to see what the next actions of both sides will be.

This was stated by the former Chief of Defense Gen.

Konstantin Popov in the program "More from the day" on BNT.

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Russian invasion of Ukraine 6950

"I do not believe that the Bulgarian intelligence provides information to the media.

I hope that this time our country will have the right political will to react and take more adequate decisions", he said.

According to him, it is obvious that there is enough energy, mobilization and resistance forces in Ukraine.

He believes that Russian leaders should make their decisions yet: "Perhaps, after all, the special operation - as they call it - did not achieve its goals and is actually a war, not an operation."

"To imagine any end to the war, we need to know one rule - you have won when someone else has accepted your terms.

We don't have a winner, nor do we have terms that someone puts on the table.

I expect continued serious conflict in the fall phase while the weather is still good.

I don't see an imminent end to the military conflict," the general believes.

Kremlin: Full mobilization is not on the agenda

"No one wants to talk, no one has achieved their goals and won," he added.

"Everyone hopes that the military on the battlefield will solve the problem, but it all comes down to diplomacy in the end.

I suppose unofficial channels, sources of information are maintained, but this does not mean negotiations and commitment.”

"Russia is not using all its military capabilities.

The Kremlin must admit a mistake.

If they declare war, it means that fraternal Russia has declared war on fraternal Ukraine," he added.

Popov sees this clash not as Russia-Ukraine, but as a clash between East and West, between two systems, two different worlds, two different ideas for world development.

According to him, something more serious must happen in order to expect that there will be some serious change in Russia or in the West.

The general believes that Crimea can be a distant goal someday: "I do not believe that in the near future Crimea can be liberated.

I think we are yet to see the mobilization of Russian forces and taking measures on the recovery front.

"Crimea is probably not a target of the Ukrainian military command at the moment."

IAEA: Kyiv and Moscow indicate agreement on demilitarized zone at Zaporizhia NPP

"It is unlikely that NATO will send personnel troops to Ukraine.

There are other ways of support, the important thing is to see the determination of the leaders", he added.

Russian invasion of Ukraine

Russia-Ukraine war