Fraud with the sale of firewood.

The supposed merchants posted ads on the Internet.

In order to deliver the wood, they asked their customers to transfer the amount for the transport in advance.

However, on the day of delivery, their phones turned out to be switched off.

Maria Hristova and her husband from the village of Karlovy Vary, Vasil Levski, are among those deceived.

They had to deliver 10 cubic meters of wood.

Usually they ordered the wood for heating from the village of Bogdan, but now because of the floods, this could not happen.

"My brother also ordered wood from the same company.

We only lost the amount of BGN 143 that we paid for the transport.

We ordered 10 cc each.

One cube of wood cost 80 BGN.

They were to be paid after delivery.

in order to bring them, however, we had to transfer the money for transport to the bank account of Ivaylo Stefanov Petrov", said Maria Hristova, Nova TV reports. 

The number of requests for firewood in Varna has increased dramatically

According to her, they found the ad on Facebook.

"We will turn to the police to help us.

There are others who have been deceived by this scheme," the woman stressed.

fraudulent scheme