The provocation committed by Armenia on the border with Azerbaijan the other day caused serious consequences for him.

APA reports that this event should be considered as a loss for Armenia in several parameters:

All military facilities built by Armenia in the direction of Lachin, Kalbajar and Zangilan border with Azerbaijan were destroyed.

They posed a threat to the security of Azerbaijan.

Armenia needs at least 4-5 years to restore these facilities.

Azerbaijan took control of the entire transport and communication system and very important heights in that region.

Neither now nor in the future, Armenia will not be able to pose any real threat to Azerbaijan.

A large number of Armenian military equipment, two S-300 missile complexes worth more than a billion dollars, nearly 200 personnel, numerous military facilities and dozens of posts were destroyed.

There are hundreds of wounded among Armenian soldiers.

According to all parameters, Armenia's losses are much higher than Azerbaijan's.

The Azerbaijani Army has shown once again what bitter consequences Armenia's successive provocations against our country and military units will lead to.

Recently, Armenia has been seriously trying to prepare for revenge, new military operations, and an attack.

The number of provocations both in Karabakh and on the border increased.

The Azerbaijani Army overturned all these plans by carrying out a unique operation that lasted only 7 hours in the territory of Armenia.

Armenia should understand that it cannot rely on someone or some forces and put Azerbaijan in front of the facts.