The school year in Greece started without masks and tests, which were mandatory during the pandemic.

On the first day of school, students and parents expressed satisfaction with the lifting of restrictions.

After two years of pandemic, children enter school for the first time without masks and tests.

In Greek media reports, students admitted that previous strict measures against the virus had increased their reluctance to go to school.

Parents who attended the opening of the school year are also satisfied with the lifting of the measures, but insist on strict compliance with the sanitary protocol.

It stipulates that if the test is positive, the students will remain in a five-day quarantine and then go to school with masks for a week.

Greece lifts tough Covid-19 measures for students

Education Minister Niki Karameos announced that class sizes have been reduced where possible.

More classes will be held outdoors in good weather.

It is mandatory to ventilate the classrooms several times a day and keep a distance between the children.

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