Prime Minister Albin Kurti will meet the strike council of the Union of Independent Trade Unions of Kosovo (BSPK) on Tuesday.

The Telegraph learns that the meeting will be held in the morning - this is to find a suitable solution for the start of the lesson.

After a meeting on Sunday, the presidents of the Municipal Syndicate Assemblies of Pre-University Education and Universities decided to continue the strike indefinitely.

The unanimous opinion of the participants of this meeting was that until the Government does not sit down in dialogue with the Strike Council of the BSPK and does not realize the legitimate demands of the strikers, the strike will continue.

Meanwhile, the Government of Kosovo says that the draft law, which foresees salary increases for teachers, will be approved soon, and requires the opening of schools.


The Parents' Council also reacted to the strike.

They have said that due to the created situation, many students have started to deregister from public schools.

"This situation, repeated for the seventh time, at the most difficult moment of education in Kosovo, is completely unacceptable and unreasonable, which is also evidenced by the daily de-registration of students from public schools", it is stated in their announcement.

Otherwise, the SBASHK strike started on August 25, leaving nearly 300,000 students out of school.

Their demands are the payment of 100 euros for each month until the approval of the law on salaries and their participation in the social dialogue.