The video of the downing of a Russian fighter plane in Crimea has been published on Twitter.

It is about the Su-25 type plane, which just takes off in the air, before many seconds it crashes, Telegrafi reports.

Rob Lee, PhD in the Department of War Studies at King's College London and a former marine, has published the video of the plane crash.

As two planes took off from the runway of a Russian airbase in Crimea, one of them lost control and crashed.

As a result of this comes a powerful explosion, and the fire that covers a green area.


However, the reasons for the downing of the Russian plane or the fate of the pilot who was inside are not known.


Video of a Russian Su-25 attack aircraft crashing right after take off reportedly in Crimea.

The details aren't fully clear, but I think this is a different incident than the video of the previous crash site.

— Rob Lee (@RALee85) September 12, 2022