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"From the action that Rashkov and Kiril Petkov announced at the time - they declared war on recidivists on the road, the result is that the victims are the same, the people who drive with drugs and alcohol are the same. After all, the Ministry of the Interior is boiling with pointless work, or rather, the Ministry of the Interior simulates this work and does it in front of the media," said Bogdan Milchev from the Institute for Road Safety in the "Day ON AIR" show.

According to him, there is a serious problem in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The former head of the traffic police with an appeal to Boyko Rashkov: Prepare a list by area with the number of systematic traffic violators

"The State-Public Consultative Commission must be closed, it is a parasitic structure without powers. It is a talking room where everyone gives their opinion. All the radios are now saying to drive sensibly, it participates in all kinds of mass events. It behaves as an NGO. Today, 17 measures are announced with which they would reduce the victims, and do you imagine announcing your official duties as measures", added Milchev on Bulgaria ON AIR.

He believes that one of the main problems at the moment is communication between institutions.

"Why didn't the Ministry of Internal Affairs announce the places and roads on which they control? They think that linear control is to let a policeman into the traffic. The "naked z****k" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs shined after the accident in which two colleagues on the bus tragically died , transporting migrants. The truth will come out there in time. The Ministry of the Interior does not have any training on what to do in a situation in which another car has to be stopped," the expert was outraged.

Milchev is adamant that it will be years before the Ministry of Internal Affairs starts acting in the public interest.

"In October 2021, Semerdzhiev should have been charged, and they decided it administratively. And who are they? Two women and one man from the capital's traffic police. The report that was submitted to "Internal Security" and to the prosecutor's office for this thing was submitted by an employee of the Ministry of the Interior, who Rashkov immediately assigned to Vidin. Rashkov did nothing in this case," added Bogdan Milchev.

"All ministers who are appointed now are appointed with 100 tasks by the one who appointed them. 100 personal tasks, they have to serve the one who appointed them, then they have to serve themselves. They only think and only for himself," the guest indignantly.

According to him, our road safety model must be changed.

Bogdan Milchev

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