Through the "Three Crossroads", the Constitutional Court determines the prime minister's fate: "Big Tu" constricts the opening of the black channel.

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11 Sep 2022 6:46 a.m.





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Rain poured across all regions of Thailand for most of the past week.

The sky leak caused many provinces to face "water waiting to drain". The roads turned into canals.

“Test” the water management of the relevant agencies

Just seeing a heavy downpour, still can't run like thousands of cows

The situation in which the Rangsit Khlong Rangsit water pumps are seen, there are more than 20 pumps, but only half of them are usable.

the rest are being repaired

The state of readiness is evenly matched to the full period of the flower bud.

Heavy rain, heavy water, red warning signal

The government is in a "vacuum" from the number one

Executives such as "Big Tu", Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, were subject to the Constitutional Court.

order to stop performing duties as Prime Minister

while waiting for the decision on the term of office of Prime Minister for 8 years

The symptom is still "the ghost of a human child". I don't know the fate.

Recently, the Constitutional Court ordered the Secretary-General of the House of Representatives to

Submit a copy of the meeting minutes and minutes of the 501st Constitution Drafting Committee meeting with the agenda.

Certified the minutes of the 500th meeting at the sub-committee

Minutes of meetings and reports were reviewed without modifications.

Submit to the Constitutional Court by September 13, 2022, and the next meeting has been scheduled for September 14, 2022.

After the phenomenon "Walls have ears, Doors have eyes"

Confidential documents, explanations to the Constitutional Court leaked into tumultuous news.

Both the documents that claim

This was the explanation of Mr. Mechai Ruchuphan, former chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee.

which the media implied to count the position of Prime Minister of

General Prayut

From April 6, 2017, which is the date that the current Constitution comes into force.

That means "Big Tu" can remain prime minister and will complete 8 years in March 2025.

and stick together

It is a document that references the statement of

Gen. Prayut, who defended the Constitutional Court, said that although his tenure

The Prime Minister will begin on August 23, 2014 and is the current Prime Minister.

However, the term of office under the 2014 Interim Constitution cannot be counted with the 2017 constitutional term.

Due to being Prime Minister for the first time since August 24, 2014, ended on April 6, 2017, with the termination of the 2014 Interim Constitution.

Therefore, being Prime Minister for the first time was cut off from the 2017 Constitution on April 6, 2017.

The trend of witness statements

"Sipei has won" and the defense of

General Prayut as the respondent

came out in a positive way with

General Prayut

That's why it's worth noting.

The reason why the documents were leaked probably came from the feeling of "intoxication".

According to the situation, it seems that there is an “inner person” intentionally releasing the document, trap and trap the opposite direction.

Summons the cursed guest "Big Tu" to keep an eye on the game to release the 8-year knot of the 3 year old military leader.

and it really works

Documents referring to Mr. Meechai's explanation

and the defense of

General Prayut

was heavily criticized

Especially from the opposing side, chasing blocks, trapping each other every door, at the moment when the Pheu Thai Party and the opposition alliance rushed to fight back by submitting counter-information to the Constitutional Court.

Clearing each other instantly

Each side interpreted the law in their own way.

cause "Niti Songkhram" according to the situation that lawyers, academics, university professors

Unite to pressurize the trial of Gen. Prayut's 8-year tenure as prime minister.

as the norm in the future

Being caught by society every nine strokes, it is not easy to "hang Phra Rod" to continue comfortably.

Up to this point, the cards are still out on every face.

In the corner, if the Constitutional Court decides

General Prayut Damrong as Prime Minister

Since August 23, 2014, after the coup

That's the end of 8 years of prime minister.

"Big Tu" had to say goodbye, immediately slipped out of the orbit of power.

No further planning is required.

Scramble to become Prime Minister on the account of the Pracharat camp.

There is no need to set up the United Thai Build a nation party as a backup plan.

or in the case of the Constitutional Court pinning

Gen. Prayut became Prime Minister, starting from the date that the 2017 Constitution came into force on April 6, 2017, counting for 8 years, until it ends in April 2025.

That means Gen. Prayut

He will continue to be Prime Minister until the end of his term in March 2023. He has shown himself on the stage of the APEC Leaders' Meeting in November this year.

And also have a chance to promote the Prime Minister

In the next round of elections

But in the question mark "Big Tu", how will the campaign be to ask for the return of Prime Minister in just 2 years, which political party will dare to campaign?

by raising this offer as a bizarre option

This is the root of the distillation. I can go on, but I can't go to the end.

The third approach, the final answer that "Big Tu" is the most excited for

That is, the Constitutional Court released the brakes, adjudicating Gen Prayut.

Started serving as Prime Minister since after the 2019 elections

Counting for another 8 years, the term of "Big Tu" will expire in 2027.

Continue to drag power until the end of the semester at the beginning of 2023 and win a hat-trick for the third round of Prime Minister for a full four-year term.

This is what the old military leader's cheerleaders lit incense over the pig's head.

But look at the situation

If the lottery will be issued the third way

The leader must have woken up "Phra Rod" several times with the conditions of the situation that were seen.

with the condition of "Prime Minister Uncle Tu" that the cost of the lap is very low

Opposite of friction

Faced with social trends that were completely fed up with the three-year old military powerhouse government, only loud cheers drowned out the faint cheers.

Wrong from the past, the old military leader's reserve

Today, even the united front is divided in two different directions.

It varies according to the fragile relationship among the 3 year old brothers and sisters.

"Immunity" of Gen. Prayut

Not as tight as the old one

Under the circumstances, the old military leader arrived at the crossroads.

Looking at the way forward, it's constricting every moment.

From being a "standing one" contender all along

No one dared to compare boxing because the handicap "250 senators dragged" together "the rules favor us" Gen. Prayut

almost embracing the blueprint of the 20-year national strategic plan

But the Thai-style political power game is about to go downhill.

It's so deep

According to the conditions of the "Big Tu" situation, the road to the constriction

That's against the chance of

"A new option" that has a chance to plug in the leader's chair at the moment the game is open.

An open way to win the prime minister's chair in the next round of elections

First of all, focus on "Muay Yai Cherng Sung" like Mr. Somkid.

Jatusripitak, former deputy prime minister, economic manager

focusing on the political move in a profound way

Do not turn the launch page into an easy target.

in particular, keeping the distance from crossing the line

as if he didn't want to be reprimanded by the old soldiers.

But recently, Somkid resigned from the position of chairman of the board of Saha Group.

return to the political field

jump on stage

Accepting the status of chairman of the Thai Future Party

Volunteer announcement to mobilize professional management team

Unite your brain to revive Thailand's economy from the Covid crisis

with great words

"The Prime Minister is up to the sky"

catch the mood

Bustling atmosphere, potential of international hands

plus the condition of

Economic team that is more ready than anyone

It's not difficult to guess the way. "Somkid" level. If there is no hope or assessment, the closed road won't make a big deal out of it.

jumped up the prime minister's list of the Future Thai Party

Do not be afraid of prestige

There was no more escaping the old military leader.

as well as "Jay Noi", Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan, who was the commander of the Thai Build Thai Camp.


along with the prime minister candidate status on the party account

"Jay" secretly hopes to intervene.

The black race is the same.

but that clearly shows the intent by circumstance

No memes are the queue of "Sia Noo", Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health.

Pride Thai Party Leader

that shows the suction power of Super Divo

Chase and herd the troops, mobilize MPs to join the Sera Ground team.

upgrading from SMEs to a large party

The goal of "cutting the face" to win the prime minister's chair is more pronounced than anyone.

Not even in the Pracharat power camp itself.

that still clings to the name

General Prayut

in the Prime Minister's account

After a while, there was no mention of the name "Big Tu", following a trend that outsiders like "Tony Woodsome" Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra opened secret information from a distant country, will have the name "Por. 4" as the Big Police.

came up and plugged in the Prime Minister's account of the PPRC camp

The trend is aimed at "P. Pae" Pol. Gen. Chakthip Chaijinda, a former celebrity police chief.

But that has to pass through the checkpoint.

"Big Brother" Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister, head of the Pracharat Power Camp

received the cheers from the porters in the party

to win the prime minister's candidacy in the next round of elections

"Inspirational heart", there is no dodge for anyone.


By the stroke of winning the Sam Phraeng road, waiting for the Constitutional Court to determine the prime minister's fate for 8 years, regardless of which direction, the condition of Gen. Prayut

I saw that the road to the next narrowed down every time.

The field is wide open to win the black race.

Lottery lock timeout.

"Political team"