Eusebio Leal Spengler, Eternal Historian of the City of Havana.

Photo: Roberto Chile.

Today, September 11, 2022, our distinguished historian Eusebio Leal would be 80 years old.

In the book

Nuestro amigo Leal

(Compilation, preface and edition by Mario Cremata Ferrán) published by Ediciones Boloña in 2018, I wrote a few brief words that I remember today: “Loyal to the country, to creative work, to virtue, Eusebio Leal He has earned the affection and admiration of all Cubans, among other merits, for contributing with ingenuity and mastery to save the city from the devastating damage of time and oblivion.”

These words were accompanied by a photograph that I had the honor of personally delivering to Eusebio on the occasion of a public act at the City Historian's Office.

Today I turn to this image again, only now it will not be accompanied by my words, but by inspired tenths that the prolific Cuban poet and writer Alexis Díaz Pimienta wrote just a few days ago.

In such a way we honor –with image and poetry– this immense Cuban who offered so much light to his country.



Tenths of Alexis Díaz Pimienta

(Unpublished until today)

The man behind the hat.


The guayabera.

The silence that tempers

His high-talking voice.

Eusebio: wise and austere.

Eusebio: so objective.

Eusebio: so attractive.

Historian and speaker.

It is Cuba in full color.

Jose Martí revived.

The curtain goes up: It's Loyal.

The curtain falls: it's Martí.

Raise the curtain: They are there.

Lower the curtain: All the same.

The curtain goes up: immortal.

Lower the curtain: There is a reason.

The curtain goes up: I write to you.

Lower the curtain: genius left over.

How is the play called?

“Jose Martí revived”.

The curtain goes up: It's the square.

Lower the curtain: it's summer.

The curtain goes up: a Cuban.

Lower the curtain: a race.

The curtain goes up: earth and mace.

Lower the curtain: mambi sun.

The curtain goes up: I saw it.

Lower the curtain: there is no anxiety.

How is the play called?

"Eusebio Leal Marti".

(Taken from Cubaperiodistas)