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12 Sep 2022 5:16 a.m.





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Celebrating the 13th anniversary of the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit

Pol Maj Gen Wiwat Khamchannan, commander of the PCC, held a ceremony on the day of the founding of the final unit before "Yon Mai" for Pol Maj Gen Saruti of Sopha district to cross over to take over the army on Oct. 1. 2022, after being promoted to Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police.

At the event, there was an honorary award given to police officers under the jurisdiction.

For outstanding workers in each line of work for the year 2022


of outstanding investigative officers, namely Pol.Lt. Col. Chet Supakorn

Piriyapongphan, Senator Kor Kor. 3, editor of the NCPO, who performs outstanding suppression duties, including Pol. Lt. Col. Krirk Sanomnieng, Senator Kor Kor. 5, editor of the NCPO, who performs outstanding investigations. These include Pol.Lt. Col. Nattaporn Phaipradit, Deputy Senator (Investigation), KK.5, NPPC.

Outstanding administrative duties include Pol. Lt. Col. Wichian Khaopanai, Deputy Sor. Kor. 2, editor-in-chief, outstanding volunteer worker, including Pol. Lt. Col. Detchai Champathong, Deputy Senator Kok. .4 Outstanding Public Relations Officer, Pol.Lt.Col. Patcharaporn Boonpeng, Deputy Senator (Investigation), KK.6, PDSC.

Including investigators who are dedicated to making sacrifices in important cases, namely the case of human boat operations.

complex cases

It takes dedication and patience to gather evidence to make expressions.

and can help victims to get justice

There are investigators who deserve to be honored, namely Pol. Lt. Col. Sarawut Panchawat, Sor. (Investigation), KK. 5, Pol. Lt. Col. Chakrabhop Chaew, Deputy Inspector General (Investigation). .2 Pol.Lt.C.C.T. and Pol.Lt.Tripetch Somnoi, deputy senator (investigation), KK.5, Chief of Police.

Reward the virtues of doing good for the country.

A symbol of dignity of pride.