In recent days, the Ukrainian army in the east of this country made a series of successes in the counteroffensive, which was launched with the aim of liberating the parts under the control of the Russian army.

In just a few days, Balaklia, Kupyansk and Izyum fell one after the other, and reports say that Ukrainian troops are close to liberating Liman completely, which, if true, will represent a major success for the Ukrainian military in advancing her further.

"It was noted that the Russian Guard units in this area had not coordinated their defense, nor did they have sufficient artillery capabilities to prevent Ukrainian counterattacks in the region.

It was also noted that the Russian command was not prepared for the obvious and "predictable".

Ukrainian counteroffensive," says the US-based Institute for War Research.


"As part of ongoing defense operations, our heroes have already liberated dozens of settlements.

Since September 1, we have managed to liberate more than a thousand square kilometers of our territory.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible," said the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.

On Resistance: A Primer for Further Research

— Modern War Institute (@WarInstitute) September 10, 2022

Considering that the situation changes every day, it is difficult to analyze what are the real reasons for this "dissolution" of the Russian troops in the east of Ukraine,


reports .

What analysts said earlier may have turned out to be correct.

The front line is extremely long, and Russian military officials, apparently due to underestimating the strength of the Ukrainian army, made a number of mistakes in estimating the deployment of troops.


Of course, the reason that can be described as the most important is the one that has to do with the motivation itself.

While the Ukrainian forces have an extremely strong motive for liberating the occupied territories, the Russian military does not have a clearly defined task on Ukrainian territory even six months after the start of the occupation.

If we consider earlier reports of discontent within the ranks of the Russian military, but also among the soldiers themselves, the recipe for failure is almost perfect.

Taking into account the changes on the front and the considerable progress of the Ukrainians, for now it is not at all possible to talk about the actual range of successes of the Ukrainians.


I can't believe my eyes.

Izium retaken, Lyman retaken (Svyatohirsk likely too)

The Russian front sector in the northeast is collapsing by hours.

— Illia Ponomarenko 🇺🇦 (@IAPonomarenko) September 10, 2022

Also, many pro-Russian analysts point out that the Russian army is moving away from positions in Izyum, Liman and other cities to establish new defense lines deep in the Donbass region.

Of course, if the situation on the ground is observed, the question is how much can be believed in such statements coming from Moscow and other cities.

What is also telling is the growing nervousness among military analysts and propagandists in Russia, who point out on Telegram channels that the Russian military is recording unacceptably high losses.

"We are abandoning positions in a large part of the Kharkiv region.

This is a military disaster.

We don't have enough manpower.

The only thing that will improve the situation is to declare war on Ukraine, impose a state of emergency and general mobilization. Nothing else will help us," said a propagandist on one of the Telegram channels.


In any case, one thing is certain, the success of the Ukrainian counterattack not only represents a major blow in the military sense for the Kremlin, but also represents an additional "earthquake" to the already questionable morale of the Russian troops.

in this war.