September 11, 2001 is still remembered by all, that day when the Twin Towers were hit by two airplanes thus causing thousands of innocent victims.

From today a part of that history will also be in Kosovo, this is symbolic of the excellent relationship between the state of Kosovo and the United States of America.

The history of September 11 will be close to the citizens of Kosovo, after the New York Fire Department donated a metal part from the Twin Towers to the American Embassy in Kosovo, to become part of the construction of the "September 11" memorial. in Peja, as a symbol of memory and friendship.


And with a special ceremony, the metal part from the Twin Towers was transported to Peja according to US practices.


The transport of the metal part to become part of the construction of the "September 11" memorial, from the "Elsa Group" company, in Fushë Kosovë, was sent today to the same company in Pejë, with a grand escort of the police, army, firemen and motorists.

The idea of ​​building a memorial in memory of the victims of September 11 in New York came from the Rotarian, at the same time businessman, Nehat Devolli.

The president of Rotary Club Peja, Arbër Asllani, in a statement for the Telegraph, has shown how the idea of ​​Rotarian Nehat Devolli came about and how it was accepted by the club and the Municipality of Peja.


He said that the idea at the first moment that came from Devolli in their club found support from all members, the Municipality of Peja as well as from the various businesses of this city.


However, Asllani spoke with special emphasis about the "Elsa Group" company, which, as he announced, was ready to build the memorial with the metal part, coming from the USA.

"Today's activity includes the transportation of the metal part of the Twin Towers, from the 'Elsa Group' factory, which has expressed its willingness to build the 'September 11' memorial in Peja.

This idea was initially brought by the Rotarian, Nehat Devolli, to our club, where he found support from all the members of the club, also from the Municipality of Peja and the various businesses in Peja.

One of them is the 'Elsa Group', which has expressed its willingness to build the memorial.

On behalf of the club, we thank its owner, Isa Selimaj, who, based on his good will, agreed to build the memorial," he said.



Asllani also said that the piece of metal is part of the Twin Towers, for which they also have the document of authenticity, which he said was given to him by the New York Fire Department.

"The material of the Twin Towers is the piece of metal, we also have the letter of authenticity which comes from the 'Fire Department from New York', which is the Fire Department of New York, a donation from them," said the Rotary president. Club Peja.

Meanwhile, he also said that the name of the memorial is "memory and friendship".

"The name of the memorial is 'remembrance and friendship', that in the name of the Kosovar people, what we can do is not much, but sympathize with the American people for that tragic event and the victims lost during that day," said others, Arbër Asllani.



Otherwise, on Sunday, the "September 11" Memorial in Peja, built by the Rotary Club of Peja, is expected to be inaugurated.