When talking about speed, the mind goes to engines.

There are people who love them, adore them and make them a part of their lives, despite the danger they may face, due to speed.

And, that passion knows no age or profession is shown by the two motorcyclists from Gjakova, Stilian Hoda and Edon Mati.

Stilian Hoda is a manager in a bank, but he shows his passion for motorcycles openly and with great enthusiasm.

Photo: Korab Basha

Hoda tells Telegrafin that he has had a love for motorcycles since childhood.

He said that this passion helps him to relax, and he releases all the daily stress by riding his motorcycle.


"I have had a love for motorcycles since childhood.

I started with smaller engines, I got to this engine.

This passion is also a little relaxation of the brain, the outdoors, the troubles of work that cause stress, I go outside with this motorcycle", said Hoda, adding that he has even gone beyond the borders, as far as Bulgaria, on his motorcycle.

However, he also expressed a desire: "I went on tour all over the world for fun, but we have a problem with visas."

Even Edon Mati, who deals with gastronomy, said that he has a passion for motoring, ranking it as the third after his family and the work he does.


Photo: Korab Basha

"I have been dealing with this passion, the motor, for 18 years.

February is 'feeling free'.

Family first, work second, motorbike third.

I deal with catering, gastronomy and family business", said the motorcycle enthusiast, Edon Mati.


Photo: Korab Basha

Photo: Korab Basha