Ukrainian journalist Illia Ponomarenko has published on his social network a video that is supposed to be in the city of Balaklia where Ukrainian soldiers are seen trampling the flag of Russia.

In the video, Ukrainian soldiers can be seen with blue stripes on their uniforms and the Russian flag on the ground, while one of them says a moment of "glory to Ukraine".

Balakliya, reportedly

— Illia Ponomarenko 🇺🇦 (@IAPonomarenko) September 10, 2022

Otherwise, the Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Malyar has said that the Ukrainian forces have finally established full control over the city of Balaklia.

Malyar made the announcement in an online statement, hours after Russia announced it was withdrawing its troops.

During the day, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine also published a video on Twitter where Ukrainian forces are seen raising the flag in the center of this city.