The Asnoms and Ilindens laid the foundations of freedom and citizenship.

In the 90s, the citizens were aware that the union in the past brought freedom, but they also knew that they should not turn back from what has been achieved.

For this reason, they awaited the achievement of independence with the united determination to preserve the freedom already set aside, said Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski at the beginning of his speech at the solemn central holiday on the occasion of Independence Day - September 8, held in Skopje.

Kovacevski in his speech also emphasized that it is necessary to be united, not only at home, but also in Europe, with the democratic world.


"Europe opened its doors to us.

Whether we will become part of the European family depends on us.

I call for unity in the freedom of decision and for this it is worth uniting, just as for the independence of 1991.


State decision means leadership and courage for free decision.

Our assessment is that the conclusion of negotiations with the EU by 2030 is a realistic, achievable and necessary goal, especially in the global constellation of developments.

Therefore responsible behavior is required from everyone in the country.

I invite everyone to join us", Kovacevski said.