How can you not love

Siwadul Mannga

9 Sep 2022 5:12 a.m.





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"MP Aod", the beginning of Chai Boonchuay, the MPs of Bangkok, Huai Khwang-Din Daeng District, Pheu Thai Party, every time it rains, it plays hard every time.

but for the people there is no complaint

Huai Khwang area, the name already says, must have a lot of water.

More and more heavy rains accumulate.

There are problems to be solved almost every day.

"MP Aod" pulses down, has to walk to the area to look at the problem in detail, and coordinate with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration responsible person.

hurriedly brought the drainage machine to help

Accelerate the dredging of ditches to allow water to flow

If it will flood, let it not last long.

Even on days when there is a council meeting

Before going to act in the legislative branch, "Sor. Odd" still stopped by to drive to see the water level in Lat Phrao Canal.

Look at the slopes to prepare for handling

In addition to the flood

also accelerate spraying to get rid of mosquitoes

Prevent dengue that will follow as well.

As for every Sunday, please follow.

live via facebook

talk to the villagers

Receive complaints to expedite resolution

Tell the private number for the villagers to call.

It's all for you

Huai Khwang-Din Daeng people

How can you not love!!!

Siwadul Mannga