Guru Pradosh Vrat 2022: There is a law to worship Lord Shiva on the day of Guru Pradosh Vrat.

Guru Pradosh Vrat 2022:

The second Pradosh Vrat of Bhadrapada is being observed today.

Pradosh Vrat is known as Guru Pradosh Vrat because it falls on Thursday.

It is a religious belief that Pradosh fast is special for the relief of all kinds of troubles.

It is said that due to the effect of Pradosh Vrat, child happiness, married life, freedom from diseases and inauspicious effects of planets are reduced.

Lord Shiva and mother Parvati are worshiped in the auspicious time of Pradosh period.

It is believed that Lord Shiva is very pleased with Pradosh fast.

Special coincidences are being made on this Pradosh fast of Bhadrapada month.

Let us know the auspicious time, yoga and worship method of Pradosh fast.

Bhadrapada Pradosh Vrat Auspicious Muhurta |

Guru Pradosh Vrat Shubh Muhurat

  • Trayodashi date of Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha starts- 2:04 AM, September 08

  • Trayodashi date of Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha ends - 09:02 PM, September 08

Guru Pradosh Vrat Auspicious Yoga |

Guru Pradosh Vrat Shubh Yoga

Pradosh Vrat is worshiped in the evening during Pradosh Kaal.

It is auspicious to worship Lord Shiva at this time.

This time special yoga is being made on Guru Pradosh fast.

Actually, a special coincidence of Ravi Yoga is happening.

The worship of Shiva-Parvati in Ravi Yoga proves to be very auspicious and fruitful.

Ravi Yoga will remain from 1.46 pm to 6.10 pm.

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Guru Pradosh Vrat Puja Muhurta |

Guru Pradosh Vrat Puja muhurat

  • Guru Pradosh Vrat Puja Muhurta - 8 September 2022 till 06:40 pm - 08:58 pm

  • Brahma Muhurta - 04:37 AM - 05:23 AM

  • Abhijit Muhurta - 11:59 PM - 12:49 PM

  • Vijay Muhurta - 02:29 PM - 03:19 PM

  • Twilight Muhurta - 06:27 PM - 6:51 PM

Guru Pradosh Vrat Puja Method |Bhadrapad Guru Pradosh Vrat Puja Vidhi

After taking bath in the morning on Guru Pradosh, take a vow of fast in front of Lord Shiva.

After this, worship Bholenath like every day.

It is considered best to worship Pradosh fast in the evening.

In such a situation, after the morning worship, take a bath in the evening and wear clean clothes.

After this start worshiping Shivling.

Do Abhishek of Shivling in the auspicious time of Pradosh Kaal.

Offer Gangajal, milk, curd, ghee, honey on Shivling.

Also, offer flowers of cannabis, belpatra, datura, aak.

This time worship Maa Parvati.

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After worship, offer bhog and recite Shiv Chalisa by lighting incense, lamp.

Along with this, chant the Mahamrityunjaya mantra.

After doing this, read the story of Pradosh fast and in the end do the aarti of Mahadev.

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